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Default Guardians

Guardians can make or break your eldar army. They are such a versetile unit. But when put in the wrong situation they can fall apart. And as of lately I've been really thinking about different ways to use guardians are trying to weigh up their effectiveness. So I thought I'd share my pondering with everyone.

So here's the deal. You have your basic squad of guardian defenders. Plain and simple. They're going to get shot down like flies. Add a warlock and you can greatly improve they're effectivness. Conceal or Enhance seem to be the most popular choices. Conceal saving 33% of casualties from certain death. And enhance stopping these warriors from embarrasing themselves in combat. Next we have weapon platforms. The choice of what weapon to use is completely situational. BUT, for the points cost, do you consider it worth it? I mean with their low BS they aren't going to hit as much as you'd like. This can be improved if you have ulthwe black guardians. Infact black guardians armed with starcannons roxors my boxors! Then next issue is; what squad size should you take? A maximized squad will improve effectiveness in the field of survival if you need to progress them up the field. But would it be a better investment in points to cut but on squad size and take more platforms, for example would you either take two 20 man squads with platforms, or three 10 man squads with platforms? THis decision can be frustrrating for ulthwe players who can't decide between having massed BS 4 guardians in 2 squads, or 3 more platforms, even if it means some having BS 3. And do you think it's worth it to take many guardians in other craftworld armies?

Just a few thoughts I've been rollin garound for a while. So tell me, what are your views on guardians.
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Default Re: Guardians

Well, as I'm a biel-tan player, I'm almost ashamed to say that my guardians are my favorite unit in my army. Overall I prefer large squads, with minimal heavy weapons, with large numbered squads your guardians have a much greater prescence on the battlefield, and are much more of a worry for your opponent.
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Default Re: Guardians

I suppose that's just about right. Especially for Ulthwe, when you want to be maximizing black guardian squads.
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Default Re: Guardians

In keeping with the Eldar tradition of precise attack, one could put nine guardians and a warlock in a wave-serpent, with the warlock trained to cast Destructor--the resulting squad could place a great deal of pressure on a flank, with a flamer template and eighteen shots. This works best with Black Guardians, though; something a problem for non-Ulthwe players, like me.

A variant on that scheme could be a storm-guardian squad of five (two with flamers) and a warlock with Enhance (I'm not sure whether or not to go with Destructor here or not). Then put 'em in a falcon for hard-hitting deliverance. They would not survive long on their own, with such a small squad size. But if they work with a close-combat aspect, they can thin out a squad or two and be immediately followed by a wave of death. It'd be very satisfying to pull off. Quite artful too. Probably not very feasible though, but one can dream.
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