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Support Platforms - Worth it?
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Old 31 May 2005, 05:33   #1 (permalink)
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Default Support Platforms - Worth it?

Me n my few friends who play eldar notice that not a lot of people play with the support platforms (i.e., the Shadow Weaver, D-Cannon and the Vibro Cannon)

Why is that? Why don't people use the platforms, they seem like such a good cover-fire weapons. I'd use some, but I'll have to wait till I got some more cash.
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Default Re: Support Platforms - Worth it?

have a peeky at this thread



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Default Re: Support Platforms - Worth it?

Thanks sin.
Cervantes - I think there are several reasons:

- They can be easily destroyed.
- The D-Cannons are very short ranged.
- The Shadow Weaver is quite weak (I think it should use an ordnance blast marker but meh).
- They aren't very manouverable.

Support Platforms can still be great, but they don't seem to be a very popular choice.
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Default Re: Support Platforms - Worth it?

You have to remember that they take up a heavy support choice and you would be far better off investing the points a a falcon, wraithlord or dark reapers.

And reflecting on what rezzy just said. The alternatives are harder to kill, can dish out more damage over longer range and are more tactically flexible.
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Default Re: Support Platforms - Worth it?

I'd get them if my heavy support slots aren't taken by falcons and reapers. But with only 3 slots, ur better off with falcons, war walkers, reapers and wraithlords.
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