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Help with my Army list.
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Default Help with my Army list.

I am new the Eldar, and I am useing Iyanden Rules, Do you think you guys can help me on my army list I got so far?

Farseer: 62
Close Combat weapon
S pistol

5x Warp Spiders: 110

5x Wraithguard: 208
1 Warlock
S Pistol
Close Combat Weapon

Wraithlord: 120
Bright Lance

Toltal: 500 Points


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Default Re: Help with my Army list.

For a 500 point army I see nothing wrong with that. You have a little bit of everything. For a start you have a good anti tank weapon on a great unit - the wraithlord - which will also kick a@@ in assault. You also have a good solid squad of wraithguard - stick the fortuned Farseer with them and watch the results. > The warp spiders are also good units for balancing out the slowness of the wraithguard/wraithlords and they should do plenty of damage.

In other words, I wouldnt change anything at the moment. As you expand think about firstly expanding your numbers of wraithguard and wraithlords, perhaps adding a second squad of wraithguard and a transport to transport one of them. You could also build up the Warp Spiders more perhaps by giving them an exarch (with all the upgrades he offers) and more normal Warp Spider units.

Good luck and hope this has built up your confidence Many games may you win.
I never bluff, TK.
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