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Warp spider based Tournament list take 2
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Old 15 May 2005, 19:33   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default Warp spider based Tournament list take 2

Beil Tan Fire wind Tournament List


Farseer - with guide fortune and singing spear and runes of witnesing– 113 pts (rides in the serpent)


10 Warp spiders Exarch with withdraw – 250 pts

10 Warp spiders Exarch with withdraw – 250 pts

10 Warp spiders – 220 pts

8 fire dragons - Mounted in a waveserpent with twin linked bright lances - 261pts

6 Fire Dragons – 102 pts

6 Fire Dragons – 102 pts

Fast Attack

Vyper - starcannon - 65pts

Vyper - starcannon - 65pts

Heavy support

1 Falcon Grav-Tank
Linked Shuriken Catapults; starcannon; Pulse Laser
Spirit Stone - 190pts

1 Falcon Grav-Tank
Linked Shuriken Catapults; starcannon; Pulse Laser
Spirit Stone - 190 pts

1 Falcon Grav-Tank
Linked Shuriken Catapults; starcannon; Pulse Laser
Spirit Stone - 190pts

Total 1998
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Default Re: Warp spider based Tournament list take 2

In some ways I like it and in some ways I don't. You have obviously opted for a high model count over large numbers of upgrades - and if that is your policy then fair enough. I would personally prefer to have exarches in my squads as they can add that little bit extra but if that isn't quite your playing style and you prefer fielding more units then fair enough.

You have plenty of Fire dragons which can kill anything at close range (apart from the toughest of tanks) and for them they have melta bombs. As they have rather weak armour I think it's a good idea to transport the larger squad in a wave serpent. That squad could be very nasty if guided by the Farseer. You also have plenty of warp spiders to outflank and rain down huge numbers of high strength shots on the enemy. The withfraw ability also enables them to conduct quick hit and run attacks which I like the look of.

The vypers are also good for hit and run (you have easily played in to the Eldar's best advantage nowadays - speed.) However they will die fairly quickly which won't be quite so good....

I like the tanks. You have four heavily protected tanks with great weapons - the best anti tank weapons and the best anti power armour weapons which should cause devastation.

However - why have you given your farseer guide and fortune? You can only use one a turn. If I were you I'd ditch one of them and use the points perhaps to buy a CTM for a vyper. I've also noticed that you have lots of starcannons. This army with high strength low ap weaponry seems geared out to taking out power armour armies. That's great if you're facing them but what if you end up facing more hoard like armies such as Tyranids? Wouldn't it be better to have a little bit more variety of heavy weapons, such as EMLs or scatter lasers? But not shuriken cannons

Other than that - good luck in the tournament
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Warp spider based Tournament list take 2

well, warp spiders are the death of mass armies, (and do pretty well against everything else) so nids and orks shouldn't be a problem, and don't forget, despite having ap 2 starcannons have 3 shots making them good guns for most all situations, including mass. Your comination of warp spiders and fire drags can take any target, for having 2 types of troops choice your list is very well rounded, I would add one thing, if at all possible to find the points I would try to buy an exarch with a pike for that wave serpent squad thats being guided, all together he would cost 46 points, removing fortune would give you altogether 22 free points, hmmmm, nevermind, theres just too much altering, live the list as it stands.

By the way those 3 tooled up falcons (as they should be) are going to be one big, unkillable thorn in your oppenents side. ;D
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