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Eldar FAQ and Rules Questions. Ask all Rules Questions HERE.
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Default Eldar FAQ and Rules Questions. Ask all Rules Questions HERE.

I meandered across this bunch of (apparantly) commonly asked Eldar questions. Thought it may be helpful to see if they're correctly answered. Not sure if they give away too much information from the Codex/Rulebook if so you may chastise me for being naughty.

(Note that I did not personally ask nor answer these questions)

Q. Does the Wraithlord get cover saves?

A. Yes, but the cover in question needs to be at least half the height of the

Q. Are krak grenades or meltabombs usable on Wraithlords?

A. No, they are only useful against vehicles and immobilized Dreadnoughts.

Q. Does the Guide psychic power affect vehicles?

A. Yes.

Q. What is the cost of a Warlock on a jetbike? In the Warlock Bodyguard
entry it says it costs +25pts for a total of 36 points, whilst in the
Guardian Jetbike Squadron entry it gives the cost as 41 pts.

A. 36pts is correct.

Q. Does the Fortune psychic power affect vehicles, such as those
designed with the VDR rules that allow some Eldar vehicles a 4+
invulnerable save?

A. No.

Q. Are Exarch powers, such as Burning Fist, considered to be special

A. Yes, which means they are only of benefit if in base-to-base contact with
the enemy.

Q. Does a Wraithlord have to strike last as it has Dreadnought close
combat weapons? Some people are quoting page 91 of the rulebook:
“for Dreadnoughts close combat weapons count as power fists, but it
strikes according to its normal Initiative value instead of always striking
last.” They are focusing on the part ‘for Dreadnoughts’, and using that
to say non-Dreadnought units with Dreadnought close combat weapons
strike like a power fist.

A. Tell anyone who asks this one to stop being so bloody literal! They do not

Q. The Warlock power, Enhance, is not cumulative. Is this correct (five
warlocks in a retinue would not boost WS by +5)?

A. Correct, it is not cumulative.

Q. Can you use both the crystal targeting matrix and star in the same
turn? It seems a way to get around the star engine firing in the Shooting
phase to shoot with the crystal targeting matrix in the Movement phase.

A. No, you shouldn't be able to fire when you use the star engines.

Q. Under the support weapon battery it says that each Guardian is 20pts
per model. Is this correct (D-Cannon 70pts= 40pts for two crew + 30pts
for weapon) or is that 20pts for 2 Guardians (D-Cannon 50pts= 20pts for
two crew + 30pts for weapon)?

A. The points value is per gun and crew, then the type of gun is added on top
(per model includes the weapon and two crew members. This could have
been made a little clearer).

Q. Do Warlocks count as an HQ choice or are they treated like a
Command squad/Retinue and do not count as a separate choice? I only
ask because it doesn’t say that they aren’t counted as a separate HQ
choice like similar units in other Codexes. To us it would seem that they
are counted as an HQ choice.

A. They are not a separate HQ choice, so treat them like a bodyguard.

Q. Do the Warlocks that are assigned to units other than the Farseer still
count as HQs for the Space Marines' victory conditions in the Planet Fall

A. No they don't, they effectively become part of the unit, much like a Veteran
Sergeant, and this means they're also counted for half-strength, etc.

Q. Can you choose the model targeted by Mind War and can you use the
power in close combat.

A. Mind War is an ‘instead of shooting’ attack so cannot be used if the caster
is in close combat. You may select the model to be attacked as long as you
can draw a legitimate line of sight to it. Remember that close combats block
line of sight and that you cannot target squad members in transports.

Q. Another fast one on Mind War: If you have an Invulnerable save & are
hit with it, do you make one save against all the effects (say multiple
wounds) or a save against each wound result you take (say if you lost
by 3, you roll against a save versus each one)?

A. Save against each wound separately.

Q. When a mission targets HQ leaders for its goal, who is the target in
the Seer Council? (There is no precise leader model in that unit.)

A. Tricky... I'd go for the Farseers, who must all be killed to qualify (tough I
know but I don't see a more logical choice).

Q. Warp Spiders and the Withdraw power. Are these usable when: a) an
enemy unit has lost and then passed a Morale check? b) an enemy unit
has lost and then failed a Morale check? c) the Warp Spiders unit has
lost and then passed a Morale check? d) the Warp Spiders lost and then
failed Morale check (and then regroups under power description)? e)
there is a tie on Morale High Ground?

A. According to the Codex it's used at the end of the Assault phase, so that
would mean on a, c or e since on any other result one side or the other would
be falling back.

Q. Can a model use Fleet of Foot to embark? I can see where it's not
officially' in the rules but I can't see where it could be abused, so I
thought I'd ask you folks. We had also assumed a model could indeed
move in his transport, get out 2”, then Fleet of Foot, then assault – any
problem there?

A. No, embarking or disembarking is a manoeuvre that must be done in the
Movement phase unless specifically stated otherwise.

Q. The Seer Council used the Fortune power throughout the game to reroll
their saves. We were under the impression that they could not do
that, since the Fortune power SPECIFICALLY identifies Armour and
Cover saves and doesn't mention Invulnerable saves (two out of three
mentioned seems pretty intentional).

A. Fortune does apply to Invulnerable saves. Unfortunately Gav assumed that
the Rune Armour save, being Invulnerable, would be covered by the wording

Q. Can a Space Marine Psychic Hood work against Warlock powers?
And if so, how? When do you get a chance to nullify the Warlock power?

A. Against Enhance, Embolden and Conceal, the Librarian can use his
Psychic Hood at the start of a Space Marine turn against one Warlock. If he
successfully nullifies the power then it has no effect for the rest of the Space
Marine turn. Against Destructor it works as normal, except of course that there
is no need for the Warlock to pass a Psychic test first simply announce you
are using the Psychic Hood when the Eldar player declares he is using

Q. When I fire Wraithcannon at a skimmer moving more than 6” can I
a penetrating hit?

A. No, all hits are assumed to be glancing only.

Q. Can an executioner blade count as an additional close combat

A. No, it requires two hands to use so cannot be used as an additional

Q. Where do I draw line of sight and measure range from when firing a
support/heavy weapon platform?

A. You need line of sight both from a crewman and the weapon, range is
measured from the weapon. The exceptions to this are the D-Cannon and
Shadow Weaver, which do not require line of sight.

Q. Can A Warlock select runes of witnessing to help with powers such
as Augment?

A. Yes


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Default Re: Eldar FAQ

I'm going to dispute that last rule. It clearly states in the codex that only the Farseer may take wargear.
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Default Re: Eldar FAQ

it does but presumably the codex was published before the craftworld one and I'm guessing that when the craftworld codex was produced GW decided that it would be a good idea to let warlocks use ROW to help with augment. That's why it says clearly that they can in the Eldar FAQ. Anyway ROW would be useless for all the other warlock powers....
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Default Re: Eldar FAQ

Fair enough. I really should get a copy of the Craftworld dex.
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Default Re: Eldar FAQ

Actually, the Craftworld Codex says that Warlocks may take equipment allowed by the armoury. However, the armour says Warlocks can't take wargear. But, the Eldar FaQ says that Warlocks may take Runes of Witnessing (though only Ulthwe ones). They may not take any other wargear though.
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Default Re: Eldar FAQ

you think that the future farseers would be alowed to take wargear.
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Default Re: Eldar FAQ

Are possible future teachers (ie Students) allowed to use the answer key? Are future astronauts (those just starting training) allowed to take the space shuttles for spins? I think not. Anyway, if you go by the older fluff, Warlocks are not going to be future Farseers, only a few lines in the newer fluff inplies this at all.
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Default Re: Eldar FAQ

Maybe they're just not skilled enough.... yet.
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Default Re: Eldar FAQ

they're different paths, the path of the seer and the unique path of the warlock, mixing the path of the psycher and the path of the warrior, thats why warlock powers are either offensive or help their allies fight, while the far seer's are about seeing the future, like fortune and guide, I know that not all the powers fit into this scheme, its not black and white, but you get the idea. Going from a warlock to a farseer is like changing from a painter to say a howling banshee for example, they're seperate paths, just both use the psychic mind, like how all aspect paths use martial training.
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Default Re: Eldar FAQ

Hey, I hope you guys don't mind if I ask some random questions about jetbikes.
Can a jetbike assault after turbo boosting?
How far can a jetbike normally move (does it use the movement of a fast vehicle?)
And if a jetbike complete obliterates a squad in consolidation/sweeping advance can you actually engage another squad and attack in cc/
How far do jetbikes consolidate?
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