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I was thinking....
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Kroot Shaper
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Default I was thinking....

I was thinking about makeing a Eldar army and i wanted to know waht would be good to get for an army of maybe 2000 points?

thanks for helping ;D
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Default Re: I was thinking....

well if you dont really have an idea about what you want in the army then I suggest getting the eldar army strarter set. Then after youve used that then you can broaden your horizons and go with a craftworld.

or do you have what kind of army you want in mind?
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: I was thinking....

I suggest playing 5 or so games completley proxied, ("this napkin is a falcon" and such) get a feel for eldar and what you like about them so you can buy what you want first with an informed view, I bought a set up biel-tan army and its taken a while to get it rounded out, and I've wasted a good bit of money in the process.
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Default Re: I was thinking....

Both of those suggestions are great ones. None of us can really tell you what would be good and whats not but I for one tried both of the above suggestions... In the early stages I played games against my friends tau using scrabble pieces. And later bought the battle force and I've ending up using all of it except the jetbikes.

But if you really MUST have some starting advice then some guardian defenders are the best way to go and some people will tell you to steer clear from certain units like Shinning Spears, Dire Avengers and War Walkers in your early stages of building an army. But the choice is completely up to you and it really does depend on what craftworld you would like to take.
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