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Announcement: Forum changes- PLEASE READ
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Default Announcement: Forum changes- PLEASE READ

Hail Eldar faithful,

The team here felt change has been overdue for these forums, and so with the advent of WH40K 5th edition we are ready to begin making those changes! Here are the highlights:
  • The Army Lists Sub-board will now be expanded to include battle reports. See my test drive of 5th edition as the first BatRep on the forum.
  • The sticky topics will be revamped. We will need volunteers to submit new articles/tacticas for the sticky threads.
  • Wraithsight 5th edition articles are underway. Look for the first one very shortly!

As always, crazed and I wanted to extend our gratitude to the helpful, knowledgeable people who post thoughtful articles and information for the rest of us to enjoy. Keep up the good work and we'll keep the karma flowing!


- Yriel
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Default Re: Announcement: Forum changes- PLEASE READ

Let's skip the obvious things. For weeks we've been musing at the changes to the tactical levels of the game, in terms of unit specific nerfs and boosts. But I think the most pertinent areas which would need redoing would be the strategic aspects. Such as:

Mission Structures, in particular Seize Ground and Capture and Control

Open play, in particular the effects of the new deployment and turn system, as well as the possibility of Dawn of War

As well as an all important "how does it fit together" type of article. I mean we have a rough idea of how unit types have been affected, but still no discussion on how that affects the game as a whole.
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Default Re: Announcement: Forum changes- PLEASE READ

I've played 3 games already with 5th, and I'm willing to help. Ive already read the complete rulebook, plan on reading it again. Damn unemployment!
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Default Re: Announcement: Forum changes- PLEASE READ

I got a weeks holiday from coming up so while starting a new army I will hopefully be playtesting 5th Ed changes with my eldar and will try to post some clear bat reps and changes to my army as a whole.
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Default Re: Announcement: Forum changes- PLEASE READ

I just got back from vacation, I have read the new rulebook fully and played several games with a friend, so I can help if needed.
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