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1000 pt army help plz
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Old 27 Apr 2005, 18:12   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
Join Date: Mar 2005
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Default 1000 pt army help plz

Far Seer: ROWit, ghost, mind war, spear, pistol-84
wraithlord, starcannon, flame/pult-120
Falcon,spirit stones, holo field,scatter pulse and cannon,-200
vibro x1-60
x6 Fire drags, exarch, pike-131 (x6 including exarch, in falcon)
x4 dark reapers-148
x6 warp spiders, exarch, blades, withdraw-174
this comes to 997, Plz tell me what you think, also I'm about to start expanding it to 1500, so if you could tell me what my army needs that would be great.

The idea of this army: everything go for its best target, wraithlord absorbs damage, avatar attemtps to assault, but usually there for protecting static shooters from melee, far seer eliminates big targets, tanks and hq, usually hqs as I try to let the FDs hit tanks.

Armies I face commonly in order of frequency: death wing terminators, tau, orks, nids
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Default Re: 1000 pt army help plz

"everyone goes for the best target"
thats how people usually play eldar. it wouldnt be too good for fire dragons assulting 25 orks now would it.

i suggest you drop the avatar. i never found them particularly usefull. unless you match them up with a small unit to attack. other than that looks ok to me.
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Its a sport...
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Old 28 Apr 2005, 04:33   #3 (permalink)
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Default Re: 1000 pt army help plz

Well first of all definetely drop the Avatar. And secondly I think you're paying a little too much for your squads and you don't seem to have many models in the army. This could be a large problem. But you could really do something with this list to being it up to 1500 points. I would have another wraithlord and maybe a small guardian defender squad or two with heavy weapon platforms and if you really want; warlocks with conceal aswell. This would add a little more content too your army and you'd still have more points left over for something else.
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Old 28 Apr 2005, 17:00   #4 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
Join Date: Mar 2005
Posts: 85
Default Re: 1000 pt army help plz

I'm getting a 16 man guardian squad with one of my warlocks and a brightlance/scatter. (not counting crew in squad size) The platform will be made from my vibro cannon, its a very old model and is small enough to be a hvy weapons platform, I'm therefore dropping the vibro, I'm trying to limit move or shooters, as for dropping the avatar I'm keeping him, hes played a major role in all my games. (and I spent a lot of time painting him) I am trying to increase model count, I'm starting to find its key. I'm also getting a squad of banshees, x9 with exarch, executioner + acrobat, also I'm putting my FS on a jetbike, it will make her last longer and get her in range of key targets much easier. Hopefully that will be enough models to round out that weakness, perhaps one more guardian squad...
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Default Re: 1000 pt army help plz

I like what you're planning to buy and I see nothing particularly wrong with your original army except a slightly low model count. However you appear to planning to get more infantry, especially guardians so that shouldn't be a problem.

If I were playing your list i'd make minor changes probably - but only ones based on preference, there's nothing wrong with it.

Good luck to you and many games may you win
I never bluff, TK.
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Old 29 Apr 2005, 18:11   #6 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
Join Date: Mar 2005
Posts: 85
Default Re: 1000 pt army help plz

Thx for the thoughts guys ;D, This is definately a game learned through expeirience, I've almost upped my win record to "from time to time" instead of "maybe next week", still though when I face Imp guard I get pwned, and fast, so new question, whats the best thing for eldar to use against heavy weapons heavy guard?

Also, anyone got advice on converting a Far Seer on a bike?
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