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Black Storm Guardians
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Old 22 Apr 2005, 11:49   #1 (permalink)
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Default Black Storm Guardians

I was wondering what other people thought about Black Storm Guardians. I have heard lately that they are inferior to Defender Guardians and I wanted to find out why people think that this is so. I personally think that they are great. They have the same effective range as Defender Guardians (with one less shot) and they get twice the number of attacks in combat. If you add a Warlock with enhance, they have WS 5, I 5! They also can move relatively quickly. In my Ulthwe army I have two squads of them, one of 16 with 2 fusion guns and a Warlock with enhance and the other of 8 with 2 flamers and a Warlock with destructor. (The second squad also has haywire grenades.) Both of these units have the potential to devastate the enemy army, because they are equipped to handle anything, be it tanks or infantry. On top of this, guardians are one of the cheapest troops in the game.
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Default Re: Black Storm Guardians

Ulthwe Black Guardian's are great (as long as you're careful with them), but i think it's the vanilla Storm Squads that most people have issues with.
I find them very useful.

Just out of interest, which armies do you usually use them against?
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Default Re: Black Storm Guardians

Although I prefer black guardian defenders I think that black guardian storm squads are great if used properly. It's the vanilla storm guardians which I (as Restayvien said) and everyone else have an issue with.

BTW guardians are cheap to compensate for the fact that they die easily!
Gun + guardian = dead guardian.
That's why I prefer defenders because they're given conceal - enhance and not conceal should be used on storm squads.
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Default Re: Black Storm Guardians

I prefer enhance because I play a lot agains space marines. Hitting on 3's helps a lot in combat, but then again I am giving up a 5+ cover save by doing so... I like enhance more because I also get the initiative 5, that allows me to go first against space marines.
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