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Example Army: Ulthwe 2000 Points
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Default Example Army: Ulthwe 2000 Points


Seer Council: 401 Points

Farseer:Singing Spear, Fortune, Guide.
Farseer:Singing Spear, Fortune, Guide.
Warlock:Witch Blade, Conseal.
Warlock:Witch Blade, Ghost helm, Augment.
Warlock:Witch Blade, Ghost helm, Augment.


20x Black Guardains Defender: 160 pts

20x Black Guardains Defender: 160 pts


5x Wraithguard: 219 Points
Warlock: Singing Spear, Enhance.

5x Wraithguard: 219 Points
Warlock: Singing Spear, Enhance.

Fast attack:

2x Vipers: 200 Points
Bright Lance
Spirit Stone

Heavy Suport:

5x Dark Reapers: 240 Points
Shuriken Cannon
Fast Shot
Crack Shot

Wraithlord: 120 Points
Bright Lance

3x Support Weapon Battery: 180 Points
Vibro Cannon

Seer Council does what they do best. Support with their powers.

The Black Guardain Defenders are to give fire support to the heavyer and Biger Units.

The Wraithguard are to take out the heavy units/ Tanks and to do it well.

The Dark Reapers are a fav for me and they can give lots of heavy fire power to this army.

The Wraithlord takes out the tanks, and to do what Wraithlords do.

The Support Weapon Batterys are a fav to, they can kill Land Raiders and big stuff, and can pin the more costly units.

The Vipers Hunt down the tanks.

So what do you think? I made my army really shooty.

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[taken from Adeptus Mechanicus manual]
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Default Re: Example Army: Ulthwe 2000 Points

Ok...this is what I think

Do both Farseers need guide and fortune? It's a good combination but bear in mind that as you haven't got spirit stone you'll only be able to use one per turn. I'd recommend just having one Farseer with guide and the other with fortune.

I like the number of guardians you have but IMO they need warlocks (preferably with conceal) to stop them dying too quickly.

The wraithguard...IMO they aren't built for combat. With their high toughness and and save they can survive for a long time but with just one attack each they don't kill much and enhance although helpful doesn't really play to their best advantage. I would keep the spear but replace enhance with destructor.

About the vypers i don't think bright lances are best used on them. With holofield and destructor you've paid a lot of points for two bright lances which will miss half the time and because you should be firing them at armour value targets the shuriken catapults will be completely wasted. I think starcannons or scatter lasers would be much better.

The exarch Dark Reaper has fast shot and crack shot. Now, only one of them can fire each go, so just choose the one and save yourself the points. Also don't give him the shuriken cannon, it's not worth the five points upgrade from reaper launcher (more like a downgrade) Go back to Reaper launcher or take EMS instead.

Wraithlord looks good!

Vibro cannons (although not a personal favourite of mine) look good!

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