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How vital are Wraithlords?
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Default How vital are Wraithlords?

Ok, these towering, powerful 'beasts' are the subject of much controversy points wise, but how necessary are they in a good Eldar army. How many wraithlords do people usually use and what do you think about them generally?

Please no replies (initially) from non Eldar players. No discrimination but I'd like to know what actual Eldar players think about them. After the first few replies however feel free to comment ;D

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Default Re: How vital are wraithlords?

i may not be an eldar player but playing against wraithlord eldar armies for so long i have a little wisdom to share and i am merely giving opinions, i mean if no-one knew i didnt play eldar then my opinions uddenly become valued, heyhey!* ;D

it sort of depends on what you want as a 'good' eldar army! If you want a rock solid footslogging force or a swift lighting task force then obviously your need for wraithlords would be very different!

i think as an anti cheese limit that in non-iyaden armies (and even here) one every 1000points is best. However in 1000points and under i would want to make the best use of eldars fantastic speed, and i wouldnt want this comprimised by some slow wraithlord where a faclon would be better use of points. As in smaller points limits each unit matters more than this will prove a problem if the wraithlord is unsupported and may find itself being wasted.

However in larger 2000point armies wraithlords can work as a solid base to support footslogging troops! Scaring the enemy into moving away and hopefully dictating some of the flow of play.

One final point that is quite interesting is that scare factor. They can be used very effectivly as a fire magnet, keeping fire off those vulnerbale eldar troops while the 'intimidating' wraithlords suck up the wounds and take the brunt of the lascannons/ rocket laucnhers/railguns etc.

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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: How vital are wraithlords?

I have one in my 1000 pt army and as soon as I take it out of the box everyone starts going "ohh thats cheap, toughness 8" Only for it to die surprisingly easy, once to one heavybolter. I don't find it to be very effective, I take it because I love how it looks. They are absolutely unneccessary for a good list, i think fire prisms and especially falcons are a better use of heavy support, a good eldar list is a fast and mobile one.
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Default Re: How vital are wraithlords?

sniper weapons or those nasty 3 lascannon predators can make short work of those wraithlords, an amry built on a core of a wraithlord or two can find themselves in trouble if all it takes (and with no invunerable save this can happen) is one sniper squad/broadside squad etc. to take it down....

in 1000 point IMO it is mcuh better to spend points a solid falcon as you say for the heavy support category.
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Default Re: How vital are wraithlords?

(IMO) one wraithlord for every 500points is acceptable.

I personally have 2 in my army. I use one in my 500+ point lists and another in my 1000+ point lists. Personally I don't think they are terribly hard to kill. People are always complaining about how hard they are to kill! My comeback to that is; it's just like a tank... shoot at it with AT weaponary and it'll die.

My 2 lords are my tau opponent's priority targets when I play him. Which is quite ridiculous considering how slow they are and the fact that the guardian squad over in the corner, with a weapon platform is dealing just as much damage.
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Default Re: How vital are wraithlords?

Good answers, most of which I agree with.

I like the look of the Wraithlord, and it's easy/fun to paint, and that's why I bought it.
On the battlefield I don't find them very effective at all until they get into combat, and even the a powerfist can kill it in a turn or two with a bit of luck. One is enough for me, all the more points to spend on Guardians.
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Default Re: How vital are wraithlords?

For me i dont take one unless i play 1500pts. Mainly because I believe that the points can be spent on better, more versitile troops. As Freeman said they do become prioritary targets for opponents. This is a good and bad thing. Good it draws fire, bad it wastes points i think. A wraithlord could be changed for a falcon which can still pack a punch or fire prism without much change to the cost. And i do not agree with one for every 500pts+ either. A poor tactic and waste of points.
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Default Re: How vital are Wraithlords?

To each his own...

I'm currently fielding only one in my 1000 pt army, as I prefer at least half my army to be mobile, if not more. So whatever static units I field need to either be fairly tough, or massed...re: lotsa guardians or a Lord... the rest I want to be fairly mobile.

So if I need additional firepower, it's going to be in either my WaveSerpent or Falcon, and my Vyper; all of which can pack a nice punch and are mobile. Not to mention 2 of those options are troop carriers. Really, when you add it up, a Falcon or Serpent with a load of troops is the far more dangerous element than a wraithlord...

I think people who fall back on cries of 'cheese' at a wraithlord are not looking at the overall army they're facing...which is fine by me. Go ahead...chase down my 'lord with half your army...while I mangle your flanks with a Serpent full of Dragons...or Banshees...or Scorps...etc etc...

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Default Re: How vital are Wraithlords?

I use one in my armies no matter the size of my list so be it 750 pts or 2500 there would be a single WL.

They do provide a nice heavy weapon distraction and are invaluable against squads such as incubi (expensive and usually can't hurt it).

But they aren't all that fun to use and don't require all that much thought so thats why i limit it to one.
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Default Re: How vital are Wraithlords?

I find it completely utterly invaluable, would never go without it. First of all, it has BS4, a better place to put 1-shot guns such as the Lance, than the guardians. I usually deploy my WL near my static support, and just advance. First of all, it can then intercept any (not too fast) attempts to reach my static line of reapers who require a heavy toll of enemies every turn, and it can use the cannon for support. So it lenghtens the life of my reapers(whom I have a lot of) (or rangers/war walkers//other rather static stuff) I have by:

1) Taking a lot of shots that would decimate the reapers. (the toughness factor)
2) It scares the enemy into shooting it before it reaches CC (the fear factor)
3) Intercepting the enemy if they should try to get the grabs on my static fire support (defence factor)

Other bonuses
4) The EML or BL I give it usually earns back their points.
5) The round before charge if you get there, with a flamer and a starcannon, along with the charge, can be decimating!
6) If it survives, it can dictate where the enemy CANT go!!!
7) If it does not survive, it usually means (in my standard games at least) that the enemy has spent quite large amounts of cannons to bring it down, and that those cannons did not in that instant shoot up my very few other models (Im biel tan - I cant afford to loose large amounts of models)
8 ) I dont like to use guardians, and I need a shield. The guardians die too quickly, and eldar shouldnt die too quickly. They just shouldnt! So the Wraithlord does it for me

I have one, and I appreciate it! I do not intend to get more, 1 is enough! I also have warwalkers and falcons to attend to

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