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Aspect Warrior Tactica
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Default Aspect Warrior Tactica

Eldar Aspect Warriors Tactica –

For all you Biel-tan players out there, or in fact nay eldar player who is wondering/has wondered which aspect warriors are worth it and which aren’t…

Firstly, there is no ‘best’ aspect, not in its own right. Every aspect can perform well in its own situation, that is their strengths (and weaknesses) over specialisation. They do a set job and boy do they do it well! Obviously they will always work well in more situations when supported by other (sometimes contrasting) units. So lets start at my favourite :

Howling Banshees :

Every power armoured player has nightmares about these guys/girls! Banshees will always strike first, no matter what in combat and to add to that can fleet of foot…so valuable to be able to be out of charge reach of most foes but then be able to assault from over 12” away. Because with his unit speed and precision is everything. With a low toughness and a 4+ save they don’t have the staying power for sustained combat, but rely instead on the charge. This makes them best for low model armies – ie power armour…and because they attack with power weapon attacks (2 strength. 3 attacks in fact) they are even more suited for this task.
Sometimes mounted in a wave serpent is a good idea to ensure they get to their enemies, scoot the serpent up 24”, hide in cover in the safe walls of the serpent for a turn then unload and fleet into an unguarded flank….So to sum that up banshees aren’t great for that spearhead attack, but excellent at finishing off/outflanking/ or downing small, well armoured squads (termies!!!)
As for the exarch the banshee one has the automatic exarch 3+ armour save which makes her just that little bit tougher. But more importantly the executioner ability, which allows her blow’s to be dealt out with +2 strength than normal, very useful when often that 5+ to wound marines can be just a bit annoying for regular banshees!

Striking Scorpions:

The other main close combat aspects along with the banshees are the striking scorpions. Generally used for more hordes like enemies with their superior 3+ armour saves. Despite the fact they cant fleet of foot, scorpions more than make up for it with the ability to infiltrate, albeit for a small number of points per model. This ability is invaluable and gives a huge tactical advantage always, sometimes even as a distraction!
Scorpions vary from banshees in their staying power, they are able to take punishment in combat and can stay to the death, dishing it out not too shabbily as well with (effectively) 3 strength 4 attacks…even if they aren’t power weapons that’s still very useful in anyone’s book!
The scorpion exarch is one of my favourites, the scorpions claw upgrade alone allows it to take out tanks, enemy characters and monstrous creatures! Also, the exarch must be taken with stealth to allow the essential infiltrating to be available to the squad. Finally on the note of tank hunting…this squad can be suited to that two seeing as they are able to have an exarch with scorpions claw (and crushing blow) and every member can have haywire grenades an be starting 12” away from a tank…scary! As with any aspect squad it helps to know what you’re doing with this unit before the battle so you know exactly how to configure it and the exarch.

Dark Reapers:

Another unit to scare marines and power armoured foes alike…the reaper launcher! The basic reaper is, however, very pricey and without the ability to move and shoot must be used wisely or many points can go in the bin here. They must be positioned in a place to see the enemy, yet with their low toughness and armour save values they cant be exposed to too much firepower at the same time.
This dilemma is usually solved by putting this fragile but powerful squad behind some cover and controlling a small corridor of the battlefield that will spell instant death to anyone who dares to pass!
If you have been willing to spend so much on the reaper squad than you may as well purchase the exarch that can be kitted out very nicely. His natural exarch armour and bs of 5 already make him worth the points, but with the fast shot power and the EML upgrade this guy is now a lethal killer of tanks and infantry alike with his pinpoint shooting at great strength he is definitely worth the points spent if deployed safely.

Warp Spiders:

These aren’t my favourite unit but I do recognise their importance. Firstly they have some decent armour, a nice thing for any Eldar player to have at his disposal! Furthermore the new rules have made their strength 6 weapons very powerful, always being able to move and shoot twice means that even without an AP value they will be wounding most things on 2’s and with enough wounds they can down anything…
The second use for these guys is popping light skimmer and tanks/transports etc. rear armour is a particularly inviting target I must say, even though they can only glance now with 4th ed. Rules enough glancing hits will cause some damage.
Now lets talk about what makes spiders special! Their unique ability to move within 12” of a foe, pelt it with shots then warp back to safety…a tactic that I’m very used to with my tau battlesuits! These guys aren’t really tooled out for combat, except for their armour, however an exarch can be upgraded with the very useful withdraw power which can allow the squad to get out as quickly as someone assaults them. Furthermore the exarch can be tooled to fight up close with power blades and surprise assault, but this isn’t really the best, or intended use of your points spent on the warp spiders.

Swooping Hawks:

The deep-striking monstrosities….this is what this squad is most typical for but depending on the scenario they can be better for hanging back. Their basic las weaponry may be slightly better than the imperial equivalents, but still come up short against high toughness foes. Hawks are often just great to deepstrike into shooty armies to cause a distraction and panic while the rest of your army deploys and gets into position. Firepower will be sucked up by these guys often in panic….this is often all caused by one model in the squad…the exarch!
With the dreaded sustained assault power and a web of skulls, this guy has the potential to dish out an infinite, yes, infinite (!) number of attacks. Usually about 6 or 7, still at just strength 3, but when coupled with the rest of the squad charging, even marines will fail their saves sometimes!

Fire Dragons:

Fire dragons are an ultimate firepower unit, melta weaponry coming as standard for a unit as cheap as this cannot be overlooked. They can be used for both tank hunting or for splitting high toughness/good save units (termies!).
Their best use is disembarking from a wave serpent (or falcon) 12” from an enemy and unleashing their (bs 4!) fusion guns at the poor (best against power armour) foe.
I really can’t praise the abilities of a nice 10 man squad any more, and the exarch is no exception. With the firepike’s better range and strength this squad become even more certain to be able to down a tank a turn, especially when coupled with the tank hunter ability on the exarch. Don’t bother with the burning fist ability to become decent in combat, this isn’t a combat unit, as detailed before when each unit is used for its specific use and supported by different ones, aspect squads become at their most effective.

Shining Spears:

Frequently overlooked due to their highpoints cost these guys are grossly underrated for what they have the ability to do.
The new turbo boost rule has even given these guys 3+ invulnerable saves if they choose to, and with the toughness of space marines they are by the far the most resilient aspects. However they do pay for this in points! They work best in threes simply because of their high points cost and short ranged weapons, but a unit of 3 including the exarch (which is conveniently what you buy them with in the box!) is a tough foe.
The exarch carries the threat of this unit almost single handily. Arm him with a bright lance and also he gets a 3+ invulnerable as normal through his evades power. Coupled with the fact spears have the special Eldar jetbike rules which makes them behave similarly to tau battlesuits in the assault phase, these guys can even protect themselves and your points investment! The shining spear weapons are also not too shabby in combat, but this should only be attempted when assaulting to finish off or route a squad, as the strength of these guys rests firmly in shooting.

Dire Avengers:

Finally we have Dire Avengers, the cheapest and least specialised of the aspects these guys are almost your basic foot-soldier. However to think of them as this would be to underestimate them! (do this at your own peril!).
With their shuriken weaponry they pack a decent punch up close, their fleet ability allowing them to get there! Even against power armour wounds are bound to be caused and armour saves failed.
The main strength of this unit however is combat, take a glance at their statline and their high initiative (striking before marines) will tell you this. A large squad of dire avengers, firing at 6” then charging can rout even the toughest of units, especially if the exarch is nicely kitted out! The two best exarch powers here are the distract and defend, however the new rules mean that the exarch can only use defend when the rest of his squad are gone…and of course that’s never going to happen! So take the ever useful distract and also coupled with some power weapons, the power sword usually preferable to the diresword. Unless you have points to blow seeing as the type of foe best suited to be sliced in half with a diresword isn’t the type of foe the dire avengers should be up against (massed light/medium troops)
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Default Re: Aspect Warrior Tactica

Hey great work there 42. That's tremendous; how long have you collected Biel Tan Eldar?
I never bluff, TK.
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Default Re: Aspect Warrior Tactica

hehe, never collected eldar my friend (but then you knew that didnt you!), although some day maybe....i like eldar, hence i know a lot about them, my main oppoenent plays biel tan eldar (you wouldnt know them, they are awsome and unfortunately kick me every time i play them ) so ive just got to pick up the eldar way of playing etc. and i really admire the speed and precison of their race. All their units, especially some of the aspect ones so i decided a ncie little tactica would be a good way to celebrate 900 posts! yeh, lets party!

can we get this linked to in the sticky of important topics either Rezzy or a g-mod? cheers!
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