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The Wraithsight Compilation.
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Default The Wraithsight Compilation.

[size=16pt]Wraithsight: The Compilation.[/size]

What is Wraithsight? The original intent of wraithsight articles was to discuss tactics specific to the Eldar and most commonly used by Iyanden Ghostwarrior armies. As time progressed- I found myself writing about topics that applied to all Eldar armies, and more recently concepts that applied to WH40K in general.

Wraithsight as it applies directly to 40K refers to the spirit-operated wraithguard and wraithlords which require the presence of an Eldar Seer to help guide them through the world of the living with regards to combat. In a similar light- wraithsight articles are designed to provoke thought of the 40K game beyond that of standard list tweaking and basic strategies. In a sense it is the author’s attempt to “guide” WH40K players to consider topics in the theoretical realm of the internet, with the hopes of some application on the reality of the battlefield. The core intent isn’t to lecture on “fact”, so much as organize the thoughts of the author in such a manner to evoke thought and discussion amongst its readers. Readers may find that they disagree with any or all of the content of these articles- and that is okay! The idea is to use these concepts to inspire strategies and tactical mindsets of your own.

The links to articles below have been separated into Eldar 3rd and 4th edition articles, General 40K articles, and a Hobby section of articles to be further developed. Enjoy!

Note: I am going to bold the articles below which I think are particularly helpful.


New 5th Edition Articles

A First Look at 5th Edition

Using Wraithguard as Troops

[size=14pt]General 40K[/size]

Strategy Versus Tactics- What do we mean

A Note on Army List Critiques

Math, Myth, and MORE than you ever wanted to know about dice.

The Diagnosis and Treatment of WH40K Posers.

Greatest Misses


Painting your Yriel for novices!

Archived Articles

[size=14pt]Eldar 4th Edition[/size]

Do you have Benchwamers? Comfrot Versus Variety.

Configuring Your Wraithlord

Selectring Troops For your Eldar Army

Winning with balance in tournaments

Thoughts on Rock, Paper, and Scissors at 30,000 feet

Iyanden…bigger..better..and more varied!

The Learning curve should include Troops

New things, not sudden miracles.

The Ultimate Guide to the Spiritseer

Understanding the Warwalker

Deploying Your Eldar Army

[size=14pt]Eldar 3rd Edition[/size]

Ghosts Out of the Shell

Robotic Bodies, but always individuals

Starting Out With Combat Patrol

Warhammer 40K and Football? Pass me a beer and a hotdog.

3+3, Beardy?

Snippets from Tactica Iyanden

Riding the Wave

Optimizing your Ghostwarrior HQ

The Scatter Laser- a Ghost of a Weapon.
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Default Re: The Wraithsight Compilation.

Informal/Later Wraithsight Articles (also known as the somewhat coherent musings of Yriel)

(These aren't formally wraithsight articles, but they are still fairly helpful and more than excels your average tactica)

On the use of harlequins

On the Falcon drop and pop

On the configuration of Wave Serpents

Dealing with deepstriking terminators (can apply to any army with an over-reliance on deep striking

Wraithsight: The Vyper Still Has Venom

Wraithsight: Threat Management
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