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Must-Read Eldar Topic Links
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Default Must-Read Eldar Topic Links

Important Topics
This topic has been created to unclutter Tau Online's boards, and to make them easier for you to navigate. Simply follow the links below to go to the important threads. I'll be updating this regulary, so it's worth checking in every now and again.

[Edit] I have pretty much finished incorporating the links from Stam's Important Threads topic that Ged helpfully got together. There are a ton of extra links for you guys to browse through and I've tried to put them into helpful headings without dividing them up too much, but if you spot anything out of place or any dead links please give me a PM.
P.S. I've added a contents page to help you find what you need. - Rezzy [/Edit]



1 -- The Infinity Circuit - Eldar Hall of Fame
2 -- Unofficial Eldar Rules
3 -- Guides to the Eldar and how to use them
4 -- Unit Specific Guides
5 -- New Eldar - Fourth Edition
6 -- Battle reports
7 -- Hobby threads
8 -- -- -- Games Workshop Links
8a -- Craftworlds
8b -- General
8c -- Tactics
8d -- Hobby Articles
9 -- Other External Links
10 -- Signature banners


The Infinity Circuit - Eldar Hall of Fame

Unofficial Eldar Rules:

Warp Spider Phoenix Lord - Unofficial Rules

Shining Spears Phoenix Lord - Unofficial Rules

Sample Harlequin List and Tactica

*Experimental* New Unofficial Farseer and Warlock powers!

Solitaire Thoughts

Guides to the Eldar and how to use them:

Tactica Mech Eldar, by Uriel - WIP

Comprehensive Eldar A-Z

Know Your Enemy - A Guide to the Enemies of the Ancient Eldar

Know Yourself - A Guide to Eldar (Lists all units and ranged weapons)

The Five Craftworlds

Aspect Warrior Tactica

Guardians, Learn to Love Them

The Methods of Faolchu (Tactica and Fluff)

Wraithsight: The learning curve should include troops

Point Effectiveness of Eldar Melee Elites

Eldar Heavy Choices

Where has all the Anti-tank gone? *New 2006 Eldar*

Using Eldar Against Space Marines

The Tyranid Thread

Regaining the Glory of Ulthwe :: The Phalanx

Wraithsight: Iyanden...bigger, better, and more varied!

New 5th Edition Tactics

Storm Serpent Tactica- by Ibushi

Skimmers in 5th Edition- by Farseer Emlyn

Unit Specific Guides:


Farseer Tactica
Farseer Tactics
Most Effective Autarch?


Harlequin Tactics
New Harlequins Verdict
Killing Clowns: An introductory guide to countering Eldar Harlequins


PLayer Poll, tactica, and Opinions on Guardian Defenders
Application of Bladestorm
Have Pathfinders made Rangers obsolete?

Fast Attack:
War Walkers vs. Vypers
New Swooping Hawk Tactica, by Farseer_Emlyn 02/12/2007 *Note - Under re-construction. New tactica needed for 4th Ed.

Heavy Support

Tactica: Falcon Grav Tank
Wraithsight: Configuring your Wraithlord
Tempest Launcher: Godsend or Albatross?

New Eldar - Fourth Edition:

New Eldar Codex Compared to the Old Codex

New Codex Rules Queries Thread

Battle reports:

[BatRep:] Iyanden vs. Imperial Guard 1250pts
[BatRep:] Iyanden versus Praetorians- 1500pts
[BatRep:] Three different battles
[BatRep:] Iyanden versus Emperor's Children 1500pts
[BatRep:] Saim Hann vs. Mech Tau 1500pts: Dogfight!
[BatRep:] Belac Tannedi vs. Chaos Undivided
[BatRep:] Saim-Hann Eldar vs Iron Warriors; 1000 Points
[BatRep:] Iyanden versus Mech Tau 1500pts
[BatRep:] BATREP:- ULTHWE ELDAR VS MECH ELDAR 1500 tourney samples

Hobby threads:

Any good elder painting tutorials?

Wraithsight: Painting your Yriel for novices!

Magnetizing your Skimmers by Mordekiem

Games Workshop Links:


Biel-Tan: The Reclaimers
Saim-Hann: The Warriors
Alaitoc: The Wanderers
Iyanden: The Survivors
Ulthwe: The Watchers


Who are the Eldar?
Downloadable FAQ
The Eldar Harelquins
Eldar - Getting Started
Sample Lists
Genesis of the Eldar - A definite must-read!
Arrogant Threat - Eldar Designers Notes
Eldar Reference Sheet
Map of the Eldar Craftworlds
Eldar Kill-teams
Eldar Art Gallery
Eldar Wallpapers
Eldar Miniatures Gallery

Aspect Warrior Tactics
Wraithlords and Warwalker Tactics
Autarch Tactics
Psychic Powers Tactica

Hobby Articles:

Interactive Eldar Painter
Colours of the Eldar Craftworlds
Painting Eldar Aspect Warriors
Warwalkers Step-by-Step
Posing Eldar Walkers
Paintig Details on Eldar models
Basing the Eldar Warhost
Autarch Masterclass
Wraithlord Masterclass
Autarch and Farseer Gallery
Building an Entrance to the Webway[/td][/tr][/table]


Other External Links

The Free Dictionary's Take on the Eldar

Eldar/English Dictionary Thread

Wikipedia: Eldar


Signature banners:
[size=8pt]Created by AfterCresent:[/size]


You can use these banners in your signature, just copy the code above and paste it in your signature at your profile.


This thread will be updated regularly, when you think that a link or thread should be put up here then feel free to send us a PM with the link and we'll see to it. Likewise, please PM either me (Rezzy), Yriel or Ged if you spot anything wrong (i.e. dead links). Thanks!

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