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BatRep: Mech Iyanden versus Necrons 1500pts.
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Default BatRep: Mech Iyanden versus Necrons 1500pts.

The Road to Golgotha.

Farseer Correllon felt a deep, ancient chill as he set down his jetbike to survey the area. Ignoring the comments from his jetbike scout unit about no detectable life readings, he let his mind slip into the past, present, and future all at once.

It was he who believed he could revive the old Vaedir, the old glory of Iyandenís 11th fleet. He would bring them back to a time of conquest, using jetbikes, aspects, and the living members of Iyandenís children, which wrought much protest from his rival, Farseer Lothariel. His campaign in the Eastern Sector began by quelling the nosy Champions from Ultramar, and then he was relieved by Yriel himself in crushing the Emperorís Children at Frozal, and Lothariel annihilated the Tau at CíRel. Three leaders of the Vaedir- whose fate was still in the hands of Yriel, hotly contested between Correllon and Lothariel.

And where Corellon tread now, is a path that only Sarielle herself had tread, but in a rare defeat. She had faced the Red Harvest before, and recounted her nightmares of the Nightbringer, crushing line upon line of our Lord-Phoenixes*, ending their restlessness with death. This was the enemy ahead- the only path to the great battle, and the final test of Sarielle, which Correllon hoped to complete.

Correllon signaled Arachnis, the Warp Spider Exarch. ďCleanse for us a path- that our Lord Phoenixes may tread. If we remain here, we only do so to embrace death.Ē

Intro: Finally, the much anticipated re-match against the local staff continues after a break of a few months, while I played in a team tournament, traveled, and schedules conflicted. This is a re-match of my bitter loss in staff game 4, having to re-enter the challenge, this time beating the Ultramarines, Emperorís Children, and Tau on my way back to the dreadful Necrons. Have I learned from the mistakes of my previous game, or will it be a repeat lesson in smack-down?

The Vaedir- Craftworld Iyanden


Farseer Corellon Starblazer 163pts
Doom, Fortune, Singing Spear, Jetbike, Spirit Stones


5 Wraithguard 355pts
Warlock, Enhance
In Wave Serpent, Twin-Linked Shuricannons, Hull Shuricannon, Spirit Stone, Vectored Engines

6 Harlequins 162pts
Shadowseer, 6x Harlequinís Kiss


6 Dire Avengers 89pts
Exarch, Extra Shuricat

3 Jetbikes 76pts
Shuriken Cannon

Fast Attack

6 Warp Spiders 164pts
Exarch, Exarch Deathspinner, Withdraw

Vyper 60pts
Scatter Laser

Vyper 60pts
Shuricannon, Hull Shuricannon

Heavy Support

Falcon 175pts
Shuricannon, Hull Shuricannon, Spirit Stone, Holofield

Falcon 195pts
Shuricannon, Hull Shuricannon, Spirit Stone, Holofield, Vectored Engines

Total= 1,499pts

Necrons (approx list)


CíTan- Nightbringer

Necron Lord
Res Orb, Warscythe, Veil of Darkness


5 Flayed Ones

5 Flayed Ones


10 Necron Warriors

10 Necron Warriors

Fast Attack

3 Wraiths

3 Wraiths

3 Wraiths

Notes: Against a top-heavy list like this one, a simple head-on collision wonít do. I donít have any good answers for the CíTan, and the full wraith-wing means I canít easily phase him out in assault. My list was built with the sole intent of dominating the movement phase, responding quickly to the wraith-charge, and flooding the board with fast scoring units, working on phase out to take advantage of his lack of shooting.

I rolled double 1ís for mission (which was good in this very rare instance) which meant our mission was Alpha Cleanse.

Yrielís Keys to Victory

Based on the mission and lists, my keys to victory were as follows:

1. Dominate the movement phase.
2. Scoring units, scoring units, scoring units!
3. Capitalize on critical errors.


True to form, my opponent deployed his Nightbringer at the very edge of his table quarter (minding the 6Ē away from table center rule). All three of his wraith units sat across my left of center, with both necron units lumped in and the necron lord between both units. He chose to deepstrike his flayed ones.

From my left to right I countered with the Wave Serpent (wraithguard aboard), Harlie Falcon, Warp Spiders and Cannon Vyper behind the corner building. To my far right I placed the Dire Falcon, and Scatter Vyper. The Jetbikes and Farseer sat deep back in the center of my DZ.

We rolled for turn and my opponent won, but surprisingly- he decides to move first- a very unusual choice given the mission and armies involved.

Necron Turn 1

Both Necron units remained still with the Lord in between, while the CíTan lurched ahead. The wraithgwing turbo-boosted towards my left side. In shooting, the CíTan fried a single Warp Spider with his death ray.

Eldar Turn 1

I advanced towards the wraiths with my Wave Serpent, Harlie Falcon, and Cannon Vyper on the left, while the jetbikes fortuned and zipped right. The Dire Falcon and Scatter Vyper also scooted across towards midfield. 4 Wraiths went down to shooting, though two got back up, leaving one unit of 3 and now a unit of 4.

Necron Turn 2

Seeing the opportunity to spring his assault- my opponent hurled his wraithwing towards my Harlie Falcon, while he used Veil of Darkness to land the Lord and a unit of Necrons within gauss range of my Wave Serpent. In shooting the Necrons destroyed the Wave Serpent, killing two wraithguard in the explosion, while the Wraiths shook the Harlie Falcon in assault. The CíTan continued to lumber forward, this time firing at the Dire Falcon to no avail.

Eldar Turn 2

It was time for my counter. The Farseer fortuned his unit of jetbikes and doomed one unit of Wraiths, while the Harlie Falcon tank-shocked both units to no avail (it was really used to position them to be shot). The jetbikes moved right, while all other units within the vicinity (both Vypers, Warp Spiders, Dire Falcon) responded to the wraith threat.

4 Wraiths fell to shooting once more, with 2 getting back up, but were forced to join up as a single Doomed unit of 5.

Necron Turn 3

One unit of Flayed Ones arrives and Deep strikes on the other side of a building near my jetbikes. The wraiths and Necron Lord break off to assault my Warp Spiders, while the Necron unit kills one wraithguard in shooting.

In assault the wraiths and Lord charge my Warp Spiders and Cannon Vyper. Wraiths kill one Warp Spider, whom I remove from base with the Necron Lord, denying his attacks in Initiative sequence. I then Hit Ní Run away from the combat, and the wraiths consolidate on my corner building.

Eldar Turn 3

After failing to fortune his unit, the Farseer Dooms the wraiths again, and turbo-boosts deep right with the jetbikes. The Dire Avengers disembark their Falcon, to close on the doomed wraiths, joined by the scatter Vyper, while the Harlie Falcon returns to fire on the Necron warriors, with the wraithguard and cannon Vyper. In shooting, 6 Necron warriors fall to the fire of the Harlie Falcon, cannon Vyper and the wraithguard, causing them to fall back, while the combined fire of Dire Avengers, the Dire Falcon, and the Scatter Vyper kill all of the wraiths, denying their WBB.

Necron Turn 4

The second unit of Flayed ones arrive, and this time my opponent deep strikes them on the right corner of the board. Meanwhile the other flayed ones move to engage the Dire Falcon, while the Necron Lord and Nightbringer move in on the Dire Avengers. On my left, two Necrons get back up and the unit of 6 closes in to fire at the Harlie Falcon.

The 6 Necron Warriors fail to damage the Harlie Falcon, while the other Necron warriors fail to shoot down any jetbikes. In assault the flayed ones also fail to damage the Dire Falcon, and only two Dire Avengers fall to the combined assaults of the Necron Lord and CíTan- and still fail to flee- ouch! A very unfortunate turn for the Necron player.

Eldar turn 4

With time running out Iím starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Fortune works this time on the jetbikes, the Farseer making a ghosthelm save, and the unit moves to engage the newly appeared flayed ones, while the Dire Falcon also moves deep right. Harlequins finally disembark their Falcon to engage the Necron warriors, with the cannon Vyper, wraithguard, and warp spiders also in pursuit. The scatter Vyper ducks back behind my corner building to shoot at the flayed ones who failed in their charge of the Dire Falcon.

The Scatter Vyper proves an excellent shot, and downs 2 Flayed ones, while the combined fire of the Cannon Vyper, wraithguard, and Warp Spiders wipes out the Necron warriors, leaving my poor harlies with nothing to charge! Gah! They instead fleet deeper into the table quarter. On the other side, the jetbikes knock down one flayed one in shooting, while the farseer knocks down another in assault. Deciding he doesnít want to bother with the Dire Avengers anymore- the Nightbringer uses etheric tempest to blow them off the board!

Necron turn 5

Things have turned for the worse for the Red Harvest. With only 3 scoring units remaining (both units of Flayed ones which are still in danger and an undamaged Necron warrior unit), my opponent now has to figure out how to deal with my remaining 7 scoring units (see: Yrielís keys to victory). The Necron Lord uses Veil of Darkness to bring him within range of the unit of Flayed ones in assault with my jetbikes, whose 2 casulaties pass WBB, while the other Flayed ones gain one back to WBB. The Necron Warriors move right and towards the Dire Falcon, while the Flayed ones pursue from behind. The Nightbringer decides to focus his attention on the Harlie Falcon and Cannon Vyper. In shooting- the Necron Warriors destroys the Pulse Laser on the Dire Falcon, and the Nightbringer manages to shake the Harlie Falcon before charging it and the Cannon Vyper in a dual assault.

It then rips one Shuricannon off the Vyper in assault, while the Flayed ones fail to hit the Dire Falcon, and the other Flayed ones kill a jetbike and lose a member of their own.

Eldar Turn 5

Itís all about position now. The Farseer fortunes the jetbikes, but fails to Doom the flayed ones heís in combat with. The Warp Spiders and Harlie Falcon shuffle to my right, while the Dire Falcon zooms into the Necron deployment quarter, and both Vypers move to engage the Flayed Ones. Three Flayed ones fall to shooting from the Vypers, while the Jetbikes and Flayed Ones in assault fail to damage one another.

Necron Turn 6

The Necron Lord uses Veil of Darkness to remove him and the Flayed Ones in assault back into his deployment, well behind his corner building. One Flayed one from the other unit gets WBB, leaving only two in this unit and rendering it non-scoring. The Necron Warriors fire at the Dire Falcon again, destroying both shuricannons, while the Nightbringer fires on the same target, shaking it.

At this point I have units in all table quarters (both Vypers in my own, The Harlequins and Warp Spiders in front of my quarter, both Falcons in my opponentís DZ (contested by the Flayed Ones), and the Jetbikes in the right corner, contested by the Necron Warriors. With a phase out at 10 Necrons, this would mean that I need to kill any combination of 10 models (which based on deployment means wiping out the 2 remaining Flayed ones with my Vypers (mathammer says Iíll drop 1), and then Iíd need to kill 9 Warriors by Dooming them and firing with my Warp Spiders (should drop 2), Harlie Falcon (another 2), Jetbikes (another 2), and then assault with Jetbikes(0.75) killed. So mathammer says statistically Iíd kill 8, just 2 shy of phase out.

But weíll never know, as my opponent conceded defeat, denying my final turn.

Final Score:[/b] Eldar: 1 Table Quarter, Necrons: 0, Solid Win for Eldar!

An excellent, intense game! I knew it was going to be a close match, but I stuck to my keys to victory, dominating the movement phase by setting up matador with the Warp Spiders to kill the wraithwing and eliminate 66% of this effective movement, and spending the game double- and triple teaming on my dakka traps finding isolated units to eliminate. By not being impatient with my Harlies (which would likely be chewed up by the wraithwing) and collapsing and spreading, I concentrated on keeping scoring units around, while reducing my opponentís scoring units. Itís ironic that my prized Harlies didnít manage a single swing, but secured the table quarter I needed for the win.

I also had to capitalize on key mistakes my opponent may make in the game. In his turn 3, I thought for sure my wraithguard were goners as I thought he would slam his Lord into the unit, which he could have done with near impunity, but I suspect he was worried that my Harlequin counter in that area would have easily won combat and could wipe out the Lord in the exchange. Charging the Warp Spiders with the Lord was an unexpected boon for me, allowing me to fold the model in base with him and then Hit ĎN Run to wipe them out. The other key errors he made was taking first turn (which is bad in Cleanse when facing experienced players), and deepstriking, rather than infiltrating his Flayed Ones. Still, playing Cleanse with his Necron list is particularly challenging, as his list is sporting well over 500pts in non-scoring units, lacking the resources to invest in better mobility. His final Veil move, though, saved him from a total massacre, and he played his Lord very well for the most part.

From my end- I was pretty pleased with all of my units, top to bottom. Particularly effective was my ďSuper SeerĒ config, which is the absolute most Iíll ever pay for a Farseer, but man did he rack up the assists, setting up critical Dooms on the Wraithwing and Flayed ones, and forcing my opponentís hand by keeping the jetbikes above scoring. The Warp Spiders and Vypers were awesome as well, and even though the Dire Avengers were blown off the table- they helped set up that critical wraithwing ending dakka trap, killing 2 and virtually making their points back. And even though the Harlies didnít get to kill anything- they secured the victory, while the wraithguard helped the dakka trap that killed off the Necron Warriors.

It was definitely an exciting game and Iím looking forward to my next challenge. Thanks for reading!

- Yriel
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Default Re: BatRep: Mech Iyanden versus Necrons 1500pts.

Man, this battle reports just blow me away
Great read so I imagine it was even a better game to play. Keep up the excellent work showing who's the boss

Cheers, Vet.Eter
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Default Re: BatRep: Mech Iyanden versus Necrons 1500pts.

Tactically speaking Necrons vs. Eldar are always a fun and tense affair....well should be.

+1 karma
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Default Re: BatRep: Mech Iyanden versus Necrons 1500pts.

The diagrams really helped a lot, and kept me hanging on every detail. Good job on both the game and the report!

Here are a few things I noticed, maybe you've already spotted them:
- He split up his army right from the beginning, which seemed to be fatal given his model count
- One of his two warrior units was a non-factor for pretty much the entire game. I thought these were the key to countering your skimmers
- Considering the nature of your army, you basically outmaneuvered a big chunk (Mr. Nightbringer) of his army the entire game, making him one very large ball and chain
- I'm not sure there was a lot he could have done against a list like yours. You clearly controlled the movement and shooting phases, and denied him in the assault phase. Destroyers would have helped even the score a bit, but then again, the Necron list was pretty lopsided

All in all, some good work

BTW, if I may ask, how did you lose to him last time?
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Default Re: BatRep: Mech Iyanden versus Necrons 1500pts.

Excellent battle report!
I love the pics! How do you do them?
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Default Re: BatRep: Mech Iyanden versus Necrons 1500pts.

Loved it.
Great battle report, very informative.
The outcome helped as well
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Default Re: BatRep: Mech Iyanden versus Necrons 1500pts.

Thanks for the comments guys,


In my initial game against him- I wasn't prepared for a bit of an "unusual" Necron list as his. I set up with a wraith-wall, vibro-cannon, and ground units expecting to see destroyers and a monolith or two- and it didn't pay off against a wraith wing that can pin down ground units long enough for flayed ones and the Nightbringer to get in.

It didn't seem like he knew what we wanted out of that second Necron unit- as my movement with my Falcons ketp him guessing/ineffective with them for most of the game.

Leaving the Nightbringer out of the picture was a huge part of the plan. I played it patient and waited for his different movement rates to spread himself out before I isolated units to kill. This is important because you don't want to give a creature as powerful and slow as a Nightbringer extra movement into your lines through sloppy movement.

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Default Re: BatRep: Mech Iyanden versus Necrons 1500pts.

Well done Yriel, looks like you implemented your plan perfectly.

Also well reported. Battle reports like that are awesome. Victory in the staff challenge is yours!
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Default Re: BatRep: Mech Iyanden versus Necrons 1500pts.

how did you get the litte sprites ?
good job on the win!

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Default Re: BatRep: Mech Iyanden versus Necrons 1500pts.

The sprites are made from the VASSAL program with the 40k module.

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