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Autarch guide for new players
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Default Autarch guide for new players

HQ Considerations: The Autarch.

Out of all the HQ consideration we can choose as eldar (farseer, avatar, special characters) we have a new choice to pick the Autarch. On paper the Autarch looks as if he could do it all. So now you put together your model as you wish, paint him up nice, and throw him down on the table and noticed he died in 2-3 turns without accomplishing anything!. Now you look at your codex and wonder why? This is a guide on how to model/arm your Autarch, how to use him, and why.

First lets look at his stat line.
We have an awsome WS and BS than most marine HQ choices out there, normal STR and T for an eldar, 3 wounds, very high Initiative, good number of attacks, good save, high LD. For our special rules we add an extra strategy dice and add +1 to reserve rolls.

Toughness 3?
As all eldar models Autarchs are toughness 3 which means if you fail a single save against strength 6 attack he's dead. so Deamon Princes, monstrous creatures, Grey Knights, Wraiths, you name it can kill him on one failed save.

Strength 3?
Again Autarchs are strength 3 so if we are fighting marines/necrons it's gonna be hard to force wounds.

Master Strategist
playing eldar we get 3 strategy dice normal. using an Autarch we get an extra 1 for a total of 4. At first this may not seem much of anything, but when you're chosing what table edge or corner and who sets up first this can help out. The second ploy is we always add +1 to our reserve rolls as long as he's alive. Again you are saying, "Big deal" unless I'm playing escalation, but what if there is very little terrain to protect your fragile little eldar? You can use reserves which is nice, since you don't know if you get first turn or not and your opponent can't kill what's not there expecially our skimmers.

Points Sink?!!!
Most new players will spend alot of points on their Autarch just to have him die with not a single return on what they spent on. This is where you need to give your Autarch a clear role and cut the fat as Yriel would say.

Exarch Powers?!
If you chose to run your Autarch with an aspect squad that includes an exarch with powers minus the Scorpions' Shadowstrike he also benefits from those powers which can make your Autarch a very nasty space elf.


Autarch with scorpion chainsword and fusion gun.

This is a great set up. He's cheap and has a purpose. He could run with a unit of scorpions in a waveserpent and add alittle anti-tank or throw him with some dragons to add some high strength attacks if charged. Only costing just over 80 pts! Throw on a manablaster and he's just under 100 pts.

Autarch with Swooping Hawk Wings, power weapon, Banshee mask, Avenger Catapult.Again another good set up. He's fast enough to move with the Swooping Hawks, good weapon for low toughness/poor save models and has a power weapon to engage heavy weapon teams. If you run with the hawks they can benefit from the the reserve roll when they choose to Skyleap., and he can Skyleap with the unit as well. Costing just over 100 pts, he's my second choice and a popular one of Farseer_emyln

Autarch with jetbike, laser lance, and possible mandiblasters
A very hard hitting close combat monster and fast as well as a very popular config among most Eldar players. Most players will run him with Shining Spears. Slam into a unit with strength 6 power weapons and watch as the unit dies. He's also pretty reasonable, costing around 120- 140pts.

Autarch with jetbike and reaper launcher
A very expensive config but a very fast mobile weapon platform costing around 140pts.


In the end this is not a tactica of telling you to play an Autarch. It is, however, a tactica on how to play with one. The Autarch is really a support HQ for eldar somewhat like a farseer. He helps out when half our army is in reserves, what table side to chose, and if we set up first or second. He also picks up the slack in units that are lacking in something and if in a Aspect warrior squad gains the benefits from the Exarch's Warrior powers. All in all I would like to think of him as a James bond of character rather than the Rambo character of most armies HQ choices out there.


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Default Re: Autarch guide for new players

Wow, great stuff Uriel, +1 Karmified!

I really like the points you bring up about assigning a role and the Autarch not really designed as a one-off "Rambo", this is what players new to Eldar are going to need to know before they go nutso on the upgrades. The discussion on Master Strategist plays into this concept, and although it's in the article, I might suggest we highlight the Autarch's ability to use Exarch Warrior Powers (sans infiltrate of course), to further the idea that this character is best used with Aspect units.

You guys are really coming up with great stuff!

- Yriel
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Default Re: Autarch guide for new players

Thx Yriel I completely forgot about the powers. I'll edit that now.

clean up done it's all you now.

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