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Difficulty of Wraithguard
View Poll Results: How hard is it to master the Wraithguard.
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4 1 14.29%
5 2 28.57%
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7 3 42.86%
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Default Difficulty of Wraithguard

Please rate the Wraigthguard. Backup your rating with a post explaining why. Assume the following when rating the Wraithguard needs of the unit (warlock transports), effectiveness, and unit cost.
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Default Re: Difficulty of Wraithguard

I give 'em a 4.

Wraithguard are EXTREMELY tough. Plasma takes a 3+ instead of 2+ to knock them down. They can take the punishment that regular Eldar units just aren't made to handle. They're also easy to use. Simply point their gun at something and generally watch it die.

Generally I use them as an anti-tank unit, which I find for myself to be more productive then Fire Dragons. Give them a Spiritseer with conceal and they can deal decently with any fire coming their way after the desctruction of their target tank.
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Default Re: Difficulty of Wraithguard

I rated them a 6. Reasons why they get the higher rating:

1. Expense, they cannot be casually spent, they are likely your highest cost unit and consequently you need to keep those expensive guns firing if they are to make back their points. This might entail rescueing them from assault, keeping them fortuned, whatever.
2. Low range/slow. The enemy can feasibly simply retreat from them and fight elsewhere, in order to counteract this the Wraithguard can never be deployed to footslog from a flank, they will miss the game. If they are footslogging, you have to put them in the center.
3. Assault bate. Let one unit of rippers, scarabs, terminators hit your wraithguard and they have had it for the game. Despite their high cost and impressive stat line the wraithguard cannot be trusted to make their points back in H2H.
4. Dual purpose guns: Their weapons are great at killing infantry...and vehicles. This makes them a multi-purpose unit, which is always going to get a higher complexity rating than a single purpose unit.
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Default Re: Difficulty of Wraithguard

I'd say 7. They don't fit the usual Eldar strategies, in that they're too slow to be all that effective. If you can find a way to use them effectively (usually by making use of a Wave Serpent), then they can be deadly, regardless of target. They're still very, very expensive, though.

Overall, I'd say there are better units that do the same tasks better in the Eldar army. Resilience can be found in Fortuned Warlocks and Holofield/Spirit Stone Falcons. Similar firepower can be found in Fire Dragons. By trying to do everything well, the Wraithguard become overpriced and ineffecient.
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Default Re: Difficulty of Wraithguard

I voted 5, because of their insane toughness in the Eldar lineup. But it is dragged down by their huge cost and the general fear some players have for them = get hit by some nasty weapons.
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