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Re: Eldar 1500/2000 PT Games... What flexibility is needed? What Strategies?
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Eldar 1500/2000 PT Games... What flexibility is needed? What Strategies?

Here is another idea for eldar take-all tactics. It is rather specific, but it may help. I'm getting back into eldar and trying out a 1500 pt army. It might be considered power gaming, but I can't tell...it relies on a "panther approach" to attack. Sneak up on the enemy, out of sight of course, then pounce with everything you have. Translation: lots of fast moving units and mid-range attack.

Spirit Stones

2x 5 Pathfinders

8 Harlies + Spiritseer
8 Kisses

5 Fire Dragons + Exarch
Dragon's Breath
Tank Hunter

Fast Attack:
2x 8 Spiders + Exarch
2nd death spinner

Heavy Support:
Scatter laser and Shurican Cannon
Holo-field and spirit stones

3 D-Cannons + Warlock

I tried to construct a competitive, vanilla, take all comers army. To justify the composition and style of the army, I came up with some fluff about a rouge, militant farseer known for surprising his foes and mounting ruthless assaults. Pathfinders and harlies fit into the outcast role and the exarchs in each squad justify specialized troops being convinced by their superior office to join the rouge army. Tactically, the fire dragons are mounted on the falcon for obvious reasons. The farseer would stick with the d-cannon artillery to make it both reliably accurate and reasonably tough, even in the open. Re-rolled conceal =~4+ invulnerable save. This unit, with the pathfinders, would provide a fire base to the army movement. The rest of the units will move quickly up the field or take objectives, and ideally all strike on the same turn so the enemy has to divide its fire/assault. With most units being tough and fast, this could deal with other fast armies or deep striking units, while still being able to take out armor with rear shots from spiders, rending from harlies and the d-cannon. Comments?
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Default Re: Eldar 1500/2000 PT Games... What flexibility is needed? What Strategies?

I split this topic off from original thread so that this army list can be discussed separately. Will try to come back soon with feedback.

- Yriel
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