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View Poll Results: How many vehicles do you take in your army?
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2-3 20 66.67%
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Old 25 Aug 2006, 03:24   #1 (permalink)
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Default Vehicles

Alright. I was thinking and wondered just how many vehicles most Eldar players run in their armys. Just give your answer and explain a bit about why you run that many.

In my current list, I run only three vehicles; a Fire Prism, a Falcon, and a Wave Serpent. Switching from Biel-Tan to Vanilla Eldar kinda let me realize that I didn't need as many vehicles to get the job done. I've delegated my skimmers to the roles I found them best suited for (for me); support of my troops. What about you guys?
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Default Re: Vehicles

I run two or three... a Falcon or Wave Serpent and a couple Vypers. Come the new Codex, and me actually resolving to get down to painting and playing, I'll probably be using more like six... I see myself using a Falcon, Wave Serpent, trio of Vypers, and War Walker.
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Old 25 Aug 2006, 04:05   #3 (permalink)
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Default Re: Vehicles

One Wave Serpent for transporting Banshees. Two Falcons, for Dragons and whatever else. A Vyper or two. I love the mobility of the vehicles, plus the firepower they can provide. Besides, I'm Biel Tan.
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Default Re: Vehicles

I try to take 2-3 in my standard army (Iyanden). Normally a Wave Serpent and a Vyper (1k lists) or sometimes a Wave Serpent, Vyper, and Falcon if we're over 1,000pts.

My Saim Hann host obviously has lots of vehicles in it- so I'm normally in the 4-8 range at 1k, even 8+ at larger points.

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Default Re: Vehicles

i use 1 falcon for transporting my fire dragons or striking scorpians, and two vypers. i see myself using a fire prism in the near future.

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Old 26 Aug 2006, 15:46   #6 (permalink)
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Default Re: Vehicles

Most of the time i fight against necrons, and the only thing tuff enough to take more than one hit would be a fast skimmer that moved more than 6", plus Vypers can have weapons that do more damage than any other fast that i have gotten use out of against them.
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Old 27 Aug 2006, 01:44   #7 (permalink)
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Default Re: Vehicles

I take:
2 vypers and use their mobility and upgrades to safely Harass enemy squads.
1 Falcon which I use as a strong Firebase
1 Wave serpant which I use as a transport.... duh! (It also uses TL-BL to shoot down tanks!)
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Default Re: Vehicles

If I were to play Eldar, I imagine running a nice 5 vehicles...one tank class, one pure transport, 3 light harassment/snipers.
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Old 27 Aug 2006, 13:52   #9 (permalink)
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Default Re: Vehicles

For me it totally depends on how many points i'm playing. In 1000pts i try not to include any vehicles, but once we get to 1500+pts (the good stuff) then i will begin to include vehicles.
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Default Re: Vehicles

i run a vyper with missile and wave with link starcannon and a falcon with starcannon the vyper makes a mess of things then the falcon and wave drop some dragons and dire avengers to clean up, it works agains ever one but the darn IG. THey just have too many meats to through in my way before i start taking out juicy heavy weapons
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