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Wraithsight: 3 + 3, Beardy?
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Default Wraithsight: 3 + 3, Beardy?

Another snippet from the Wraithsight tactica draft. Wraithsight is a tactica I've been working on, specifically for the Iyanden craftworld. Please feel free to review and comment!

************************************************** *******************

It's generally agreed that fielding three wraithlords in 1,000 points is beardy. Some people view 3 wraithlords on any list as excessive, not to mention unfluffy, as wraithlords are considered rare and powerful creatures on most other craftworlds.

Unless we're talking about Iyanden. Iyanden, unlike other craftworlds, has little choice but to field wraithlords, which serve to support the wraithguard lines, and both of these ghostwarrior types are the mainstay of an Iyanden host. That being said, there are numerous considerations an Iyanden Farseer needs to cover before taking the maximum 3 allowed. The first consideration is the fact that for every wraithlord you field, you must field one squad of wraithguard. As both units count as troop types, doing the math tells us that the most we can field is 3 wraithlords (same as every standard Eldar army), with the compulsory purchase of 3 units of wraithguard.

Iyanden Farseers call this a "3 + 3" formation. A bare minimum 3 + 3 is as follows:

3(5 x wraithguard = 175pts)= 525 pts
3(wraithlord with shuricannon=100pts) =300pts

So you're spending well over 800 points to field 3 wraithlords. That sounds fair, right? I mean, you're getting 15 models of a very specialized, highly expensive troop just for the mere possiblity of 3 wraithlords. Honestly- it's difficult enough for one squad of wraithguard to earn its points back, but how about three? At 1,000 points, you're army is terribly small, horribly slow, and with shuricannons, miserably short ranged.

Beardy? No. Ineffective? Yes.

But notice something- as you up the points, your 3+3 formation starts to come into its own, and becomes a solid core for an army.

If you bump your points to 1250, you can add a Farseer, a SpiritSeer, and a kitted out Falcon to this army, as well as upgrade the wraithlord's weapons ( I tend to go Scatter Laser, Starcannon, and Brightlance respectively). Now you have an effective if specialized army, and your options really start to open up.

Beardy? No. Ineffective? Not in proper hands.

Go above 1250, and now you're going to have to check yourself for beardiness.

Farseer w/Guide, Witchblade, SP: 86pts

5x wraithguard = 175
5x wraithguard = 175
5 x wraithguard = 175

wraithlord w/ scatter laser = 105
wraithlord w/starcannon = 120
wraithlord w/ brightlance = 120

3 x warwalker w/scatter laser and starcannon =270pts
3 x warwalker w/scatter laser and starcannon =270pts

= 1496pts.

This army can deal out horrendous damage at range- 7 starcannons (21 shots at AP2) and 7 Scatter Lasers (42 shots max), not to mention 3 S10 close combat monsters, and still 15 wraithguard to vaprorize any unit that comes near.

Beardy? Yep. Boring to play? I think so.

The loophole in Iyanden has to do with too many heavy support options. Sure the army above is still horrendously slow, but it can phase out necrons whilst laughing at monoliths.

3 + 3 is fine, but remember to check yourself against taking a beardy combination with 3 + 3. Personally, I've only fielded a 3+3 in a few situations, and I've found this combo to be very effective when you throw in some fast moving troops, falcons, and vypers in the mix. Playing for balance in Iyanden is making an effective list, because the Iyanden setup favors balance to make it work. Remember- all of this sounds great- but it's sloowww, and I tend to believe that the best Eldar generals rely on their movement to win games.

One of my best personal performances with Iyanden was an 1850 list in which I fielded 20 wraithguard, and only 2 wraithlords. I had one big 10 man unit, and 2 mounted units of five, backed by a falcon, the two wraithlords, and a couple of Aspect squads (Hawks and Scorpions, wohoo!!).

Remember to play to your personal preferences and strengths as a Farseer. If this means field a 3 + 3, then go for it! But the power all Eldar players weild, is the potential for beard. If you love this army as much as I do, protect its reputation by winning with fluff and balance.

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Default Re: Wraithsight: 3 + 3, Beardy?

I've been trying to find something about this to criticise for the last ten minutes - and completely failed.

Great advice, quite simply. Taking three wraithlords in an Iyanden army simply isn't beardy or cheesy in the context of how many other expensive wraithguard they also have to take.
I never bluff, TK.
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Default Re: Wraithsight: 3 + 3, Beardy?

One thing I wanted to add though- which is really the one of the key points I make in Wraithsight is this:

You can win a good number of games using your wraithlords and other units in an Iyanden army.

The difference between an Iyanden Farseer, and a skilled Iyanden Farseer is in managing and winning with wraithguard. Learning to win with them (not just using them as a license to take 3 wraithlords) requires much more skill and is far more rewarding.

I want to emphasize this to anyone considering Iyanden.

Because let's face it- of all the Eldar units, by far the easiest one to use is a Wraithlord. ANYONE can learn to use a wraithlord. Learning to use 35 pt troops with horrible range and limited advantages is where the real skill comes in.

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