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Old 3rd Edition battle report.
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Default Old 3rd Edition battle report.

Wow have my tactics changed significantly since 3rd edition. I'm in the middle of writing up a tactica, and decided to look at some of my old battle reports to see if anything is relevant. Unfortunately most of it isn't

Anyway- for those who would read an old 3rd edition battle report- I've enclosed it below. I'm sorry it's on another site, but if we wanted to add it here that would not be a problem.

I'd like to prepare some 4th edition battle reports if I ever manage the time!

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Default Re: Old 3rd Edition battle report.

I would prefer it if you could actually post it here.
There would be +1 Karma in it for you, because it's a great report, but I do really prefer things like that to be internal as opposed to external links.
I always play in 3rd Ed, 4th Ed. is too similar to 3rd Ed to get to grips with, I can never remember which rules have changed!
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Default Re: Old 3rd Edition battle report.

Sounds like a deal! I'll work on posting it here.

Last night I playtested a couple of my lists, to go along with a tactica I'm working on. I took photos also, and I'm hoping to post it here too.

My brother and I LOVE battle reports! We regularly photograph our battles and we keep an informal storyline going.

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Default Re: Old 3rd Edition battle report.

Sarielle cast the runes from her long, delicate fingers. They danced in the air, supported only by the powerful psychics trapped within, swirling and dancing in a pattern that would prescribe the dayís course of action. She studied carefully as the shrine rune of her 11th fleet- the Remnant made its way past the Ireward desert.

ďWe must push throughÖat all costs,Ē she asserted aloud, with the four Exarchs behind her- each of a different aspect. Just beyond that ruined temple, lay their true goal- the deposits of wraithbone- so desperately needed to maintain their almost totally extinct craftworld. Of the Farseers- Sarielle was lucky to have 5 Aspects with her, because it was customary for the 11th Fleet to field many aspects, a tribute to their late Farseer, Kelmon Prime.

But before they could reach the deposit- they have to deal with the 99th Rifle division of Arcadia- a spinoff platoon from the late Colonel Bruno De Grassi, a contemporary and long time rival of Kelmon Prime. This battle merely continues a long history of conflict, originally between the Primeís 11th Battlefleet, and De Grassiís 98th Battallion. De Grassi was famed for fielding ex-criminals, rogue psykers, hostile ogryns, and gutty ratlings. What they lack in armor they make up for in grit. The 99th followed the same tradition.

This battle could be very bloody and costly for Iyanden. This is why the 11th is not known for bringing guardian defenders. This is why they drew this particular assignment.

Sarielle touched the cold, wraithbone shell of Ynithea, the former howling banshee that Sarielle served with during her path of the warrior, now just a warm spiritstone, and a wraithguard shell. ďHow cold it must be to walk among the living,Ē she thought as she pressed her warm cheek against the chest of her sisterís battle shell.

The Bloodied Sand.


The following game was played using a standard force organization at 1850 points. My brother controlled a standard Imperial Guard list, and I controlled an Eldar Iyanden Ghost Warrior army. We rolled for mission, and drew Recon.

Because my brother and I were practicing for a Rogue Trader tournament- we did not make any modifications to our lists for this mission. Making changes based on mission or opponent is not something we generally do anyway, so it didnít impact us here.

I will try my best to represent my brotherís thoughts as best as I can, and hopefully he can reply to this thread and modify what I have written. I will write from his perspective in the first person.

The 99th Arcadian

Heretic: Recon- perhaps the most difficult mission for my army to achieve, being a mass of footslogging infantry. And thatís before I even think about dealing with the 11th Fleet! The best and worst feature of playing my brother is that I fully understand the play he will run, which is good, but I still havenít found a consistent way to beat it! One big advantage is knowing that he will be doing his best to get to me in a hurry, as my massed firepower would rip him to shreds if he decided to move slowly. Therefore range was not an issue. I took special weapons in my platoon HQís and conscripts for his blitzing tanks. 9 lascannons would give me some great hitting power, along with 6 heavy bolters and one full mortar team, to try and pin his foot troops. I took one squad of 40 conscripts, to provide cheap special weapons and theyíre one heck of a meatshield. I throw in 2 Sentinels and a Hellhound- both of which can function as anti-troop and the sentinels should get some decent side shots at his tanks.

I think one of the big keys to stopping my brotherís army is halting his tank blitz. Nadia and I did some calculating- and we determined it may take as many as 12 lascannon shots to down one of his tanks! I donít know anyone who can pour out that amount of firepower- but Iím trying to compensate for it by special weapons like meltaguns in my units- which will have very, very good odds at close range. Iím also taking a large counter-charge unit of 9 Ogryns, which will have another trick up their sleeve, and a small unit of Ratlings- just in case I manage to get a look at one of his Wraithlords out in the open.

This is actually my 1500 point list, but itís very similar. Just add the Hellhound and two sentinels, and beef up the ranks some.

Sarielleís 11th Fleet- The Remnant

Hecubus: Another battle against the dreaded 99th Rifles! This one looks to be bloody. My brother isnít messing around this time- I expect to be outnumbered about 4 to one, and easily outgunned. Furthermore, my brother has played me so many times that he knows my plan as well as I do! Luckily- itís proven time and again to be a tough one to stop- and this particular mission- Recon, plays right into my plan.

I start with my usual 4 Troops selections- 2 squads or wraithguard and 2 Wraithlords. Critics of my army wonder why I donít take Starcannons. Frankly, I feel they are overused, and my combination of Scatter Laser and Brightlance provides excellent balance. This massive robotic march is joined by my 2 HQís- an Avatar, and Sarielle, my Farseer. This block is slow moving, but TOUGH. Not only are these units a psychological intimidation, they provide the late round hitting and staying power Iíll need against the masses of the 99th. I take three elite aspects- all of which are highly mobile, and built for close combat. Add in the sure and steady firebase of Dark Reapers, and the backfield light armored havoc dealt by a unit of Swooping Hawks, and I have a contingent that makes this army look very much like Biel Tan. But hey- I love aspects, and even though I field small troop sizes- I prefer to fight in combinations, which has proven deadly.

Stay tuned for the battle report!!


Hecubus: My brother won the roll for deployment- and decided he wanted to see where I would set up- so he made me deploy first. I figured I didn't stand a chance trying to fight a long, stretched out mass of humans, so I'd better focus on getting through one part of his lines. I set up for a heavy left flank, deploying my Dark Reapers in support of this flank and my tanks behind a large ruin. Everything would committ to the left flank.

Heretic: I know what play he's gonna run- but where is he going? I was a bit rushed in my deployment (as all Imperial Guard commanders know, having to field hundreds of infantry units). After seeing him committ to the left side, I put 2/3 of my heavy weapons on that side, and deployed my ogryns deep behind the lines. They had a trick up their sleeve. The mortar teams set up behind a building, and I set a lascannon trio on his right flank with two sentinels, and my 40 man conscript squad. As I mentioned earlier- everything on his left flank were screen after screen of different units, trying to tie down his assault.

We rolled for turn. Again, my brother won this, but he decided to let me go first! I quietly grinned and set about my evil plans.

Eldar Turn 1

Now that I had first turn- I had exactly what I needed to set up my defenses. Sarielle boosted the defenses of the wraithguard line with Fortune, and my Falcon sped to the front, blocking one whole squad of wraith from enemy fire. Everything else moved up behind.

I spotted a weak point in my brother's defenses, and took advantage of it. He had a heavy bolter team set up on my deep left, screened by only one unit. I poured 90% of my fire into that unit- nearly wiping it out, and allowing me to field shots on the heavy bolter teams. Again, I shot the team to one man, who promptly fled in fear! That's 3 heavy bolters and a unit I don't have to worry about. On my right I fired my scatter laser at his sentinels, destroying the multilaser on one.

Imperial Guard Turn 1

Arrgh! I can't make any mistakes against my brother! He will find any weakpoint in my lines and surely take advantage of it! Two units lost in one turn-ugh.

His tanks now effectively shielded his backfield. I moved up my 40 man conscript squad- they may not get into the fight much but they can enter his deployment zone and gain some much needed victory points for me. I sidestepped with 3 heavy bolters to hope for a shot at his assault troops, which looked like they would be out turn 2 or 3.

9 Lascannons fired at the Falcon tank. What happened? Nothing. Well, almost. He couldn't shoot for a turn. Whoptty-do. My Multilaser did get some side shots on the Wave Serpent, but failed to penetrate its armor and field. Turn 1 goes by and I fail to slay one model! Things look bad!

Eldar Turn 2

I'm feelin it! I can't beleive how well my armor is holding up! I better take advantage of it while I have it. I continue my rush across the desert, and continue to work on his right flank with my Wave Serpent. And good news! My Swooping Hawks have arrived! Their grenade packs manage to kill one lascannon gunner and 3 ratlings, as they touch down just shy of the mark I placed behind my own lines. My army continues to work on my brother's weak point- killing all the ratlings and nearly wiping out the lascannon unit- which also flees in terror! But I have a problem- my Swooping Hawks are now out in the open-where my brother will be sure to cut them to ribbons. I warp my spiders in front to shield them- and I roll double 2's on the dice! Ack! one of my spiders was killed in the warp. My first casualty and it's by my own hands!

Imperial Guard Turn 2

This is getting really disheartening. I continue my advance with my conscripts, and now I am bringing my Ogryns into position. But here we go again! I can't down his tanks with my 6 remaining lascannons! I even manage 2 melta gun and 1 plasma gun shot on it- doing nothing! My mortars even missed! And worse yet- I forget to fire my Hellhound! I can't beleive how well this is going for my brother.
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Default Re: Old 3rd Edition battle report.

Eldar Turn 3

It was time to kick the plan into overdrive. I needed to survive one more turn in my tanks, because I wanted to soften up my brother a little bit more before the coupe d'etat. The tanks, fully functional, parked in front of a lascannon team with a horde of ogryns waiting just behind. On my left flank, my Warp Spiders and Wraithlord with the Brightlance managed to down the Hellhound. Swooping Hawks downed another heavy weapons team, and I began to spread out my frontline- seeing how it was intact, sending one squad of wraithguard after his 40 man conscript squad to try and prevent it from entering my deployment zone. The other wraithlord with the scatter laser managed to down both sentinels in one volley! Things looked good- but I was in for a scare!

Imperial Guard Turn 3

The Eldar grew closer and closer. They would be in full force by next turn for sure- but I had one last trick up my sleeve, and it was time to play my card. The conscripts were being held up in combat with his wraithguard squad- so they moved in ever closer to the melee. I brought my Ogryns to the front line, staring down his falcon grav tank. I bet he was wondering why I would put myself in a position to deny my own charge the following turn. During the shooting phase- I did manage to destroy the pulse laser on the tank, and killed all but two of the warp spiders on my right flank! That's more like it boys!

And then- in the assault phase- I actually beleive I saw some fear in my brother's eyes, when all of a sudden 9 Ogryns charge out and attack his tank! See- Ogryns are strong- very strong! Strong enough to damage a tank with their bare fists, and I had 9 staring down a juicy, Eldar tank.

The Ogryns hammered their fists on its hull, and shook the tank around, but all they managed to do was prevent the tank from shooting again next turn! Arrgh! With 9 Ogryns I thought for sure my plan would work! But now, my brother would still be able to drop off his Scorpions, and have his tank fly safely away.

My left flank included the combat between the wraithguard and my conscripts. I was beginning to lose conscripts to the raw strength of these living robots.

Eldar Turn 4

Whew! dodged a HUGE bullet there! No one but Heretic would have thought to charge a tank with such a huge mass of Ogryns. All this time I was thinking they were only going to be used as a countercharge- but my brother found another way to use them. Against any other tank he would have succeeded, but my tanks have this thing against crashing. They simply refuse to do it.

As predicted- both the Scorpions in the Falcon, and the Banshees in the Wave Serpent emerged. This was timed perfectly to coincide with the wraithguard and one of the wraithlords getting into combat. But first the wraithguard fired, killing two of the 3-wound Ogryns outright. I positioned my Banshees to face off against a different squad, so they used their fleet of foot to his his left flank.

I poured into his lines, in one, coordinated blitz. The fury of the 11th Fleet was upon them.

The ogryns were almost completely wiped out by the blitz, and half of the human squad that the banshees attacked were still alive.

Imperial Guard Turn 4

And this is exactly what I feared.

My brother's plan was working to a tee. It was frustrating, and beautiful, all at once, to see how precise this play really is. Even the Avatar made combat, and his farseer joined the Howling Banshees for an all-female blitz on my left. I lost all 4 combat engagements during his turn.

But he would pay. Young Conscript Bosco Ignacio would make sure of that. Bosco had the special honor of carrying a melta gun into battle. With a mere BS of 2, Bosco was able to hit and shake the crew of the Falcon. Not much, but a moral victory for a conscript. My brother's melee combats blocked all of my weapons' lines of sight, so I marhed across again, hoping to get a decent shot next turn if I could hold him off in combat a bit longer.

It never happened. You can't expect guardsmen to survive the combined charge of Scorpions, Wraithguard, Swooping Hawks, a Wraithlord, and an Avatar. Not to mention the Banshees and Farseer. It was clear I had lost, but now it was a matter of ow much, and if my brother could kill my entire army. He marched to my left after wiping out three more units, and he was now trying to catch up with my conscripts.

Eldar Turn 5

Things were pretty well under control at this point. My only problem now was trying to figure out how to get my committed left flank over to the rest of my brother's troops. Now that they had slaughtered everything on the left flank- they were in a bad position to reinforce my weak right flank, which had been keeping his conscripts in battle with a mere 5 man wraithguard unit and a wraithlord.

I rushed ahead with my scorpions, and brought my swooping hawk unit from the deep corner. The hawks managed to kill a few of my brother's mortar team, while the Howling Banshees made it into combat with the conscripts via fleet of foot. Close combat this turn was particularly brutal- as the wave of Banshees cut a gaping hole into his lines.

Imperial Guard Turn 5

With the remains of my army in close combat- I had only two real shots. Despite their casualties, the mortar team managed to kill off 4 of the Striking Scorpions which threatened their position, they resolved to stay and die in the name of the Emperor! And in another miraculous shot- Conscript Ignacio was able to destroy the shuriken cannon on the falcon- what a guardsman he will be! But he needs to survive the battle!

Close combat was another gruesome affair. The supported Eldar line chewed away almost all of the conscripts- save their seargant, a whiteshield, and of course- Conscript Ignacio! Losing the combat- they retreat, and even the nimble Eldar units cannot keep them in combat.

Eldar Turn 6

Last turn of the game. I need to kick it inot overdirve if I'm going to have any shot of wiping out the Imperial Guard. The Striking Scorpions, vowing revenge for their fallen brothers, advanced on the mortar teams with thier shuriken pistols blazing, wiping out the last of the mortar crew. The Swooping Hawks, being the only mobile unit to reach the dreaded Conscript Ignacio- charge, but fail to wound anyone!

Imperial Guard Turn 6

With only 3 models left, the only thing to do now is fight the last round of combat. Conscript Ignacio is determined to give it his all! Another miserable round of rolling for my brother's Swooping Hawks, and guess what- Ignacio manages to kill the devious winged Eldar with the butt of his meltagun!!!

The Hawks lose the combat and withdraw from the melee! Conscript Ignacio wins another small victory for the decimated Imperial Guard.

But a small, small victory it is. The Eldar overwhelmingly won the battle, but my 99th Bulldogs turned out to have a future imperial commander among their conscripts!

The End.
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