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Wraithblades vs Banshees?
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Question Wraithblades vs Banshees?

Hi guys,

Is it just me or are Wraithblades better than Banshees? I am looking at the ones wielding dual Ghostswords.

A Wraithblade costs about as much as 2 Banshees, and only has half the number of attacks as the two girls do, but it strikes at double the Strength, has a better armor save, and double the Toughness. Granted, the Banshees strike first and have twice the number of wounds, but at T 3 and a worse armor save that isn't saying much.

A 5 man Wraithblade squad is the equivalent of 10 Banshees, but will most likely survive longer than the T3 4+ sv. models and damagewise, dish out the same amount of punishment.

Did the Banshees get one-upped? Or is their Exarch with her Executioner their saving grace?
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