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The Mothman's Triumphant Return: Preliminary Eldar List
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Default The Mothman's Triumphant Return: Preliminary Eldar List

Howdy folks,
Mothman here. I've taken a several year hiatus from 40k, due largely to the financial constraints of university life. However, I'm back, and decided to replace my long lost Tau army with an Eldar one. I've come up with this list as a starting point, and of course any criticism and advice is always welcome!
A few things to point out before I dig into it:
First, I despise armour. I never field tanks, or transports as they are easily destroyed point sinks. There is nothing a tank can do that infantry can't do better. Same goes for Monstrous Creatures.
Second, I do not play into the conventional tactics of any army - any members still around from my early days will remember that from my Tau army.
Third, I love out numbering my opponent with armies no one expects to have vast numbers.
So! Now that that's taken care of, I present my early 2,000pt army.

Farseer with Rune of Witnessing, Spirit Stones, Doom, Eldritch Storm and Mind War
Rollin' with him are four Warlocks, three with Destruct, and one with Enhance
Total HQ pts. 295pts
Total units: 5

2 x 10 Howling Banshees with Exarch packing Mirror Swords and War Shout

5 Fire Dragons with Exarch armed with a Firepike

Total Elite pts. 474pts
Total Elite units: 25

3 x 20 Storm Guardians

2 x 10 Dire Avengers with Exarch armed with Diresword and pistol an Bladestorm
Total Troops pts. 794pts
Total Troops units: 80

Fast Attack
2 x 8 Warp Spiders with Exarch rockin' Spinneret rifle, Powerblades, and Surprise Assault
Total Fast Attack pts. 426pts
Total Fast Attack units: 16

Total pts. 1989pts
Total units: 126

A note on tactics:
I believe strongly in a single turn victory - meaning that all units get into position to strike then with one swift motion inflict a crippling amount of damage. This style of play has three key points: Diversion, Screen and Pin, and Assault.
With this list I would use the Warp Spiders as the diversion, forcing the opponent to focus on the immediate threat, rather than the one a turn or two away. They will also whittle down the enemy numbers, and tie up key units in order to protect the advancing host.
The screen and pin function is performed by the storm guardians. They are largely sacrificial, advancing in front of the assault units in order to prevent too much fire reaching them before they can be used to their maximum effect. The surviving guardians will launch into the enemy units in order to prevent them from interfering with the rest of the host, as well as further weaken their forces.
Now, these first two segments protect the main fighting force, while simultaneously weakening them for the final attack by the main force. This should allow the Assaulting units to reach the enemy largely unscathed. Once the assault is set up, the storm guardians will break away from the front of the force, allowing the Dire Avengers to open fire on their targets using bladestorm in order to weak the units further before the Howling Banshees attack in force, hopefully eliminating their target before they get a chance to retaliate.
So, rip on in folks. No need to be gentle!

Man, this origami dream is beautiful, but those wings will never leave the ground without a feather and a lottery ticket.
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Interesting looking list.

Might I suggest the following instead.


2* Farseer with Runes of Warding, Spirit Stones, Fortune, Doom 280 pts


6 Fire Dragons 96 pts

2* 10 Howling Banshees with Exarch, Mirror Blades, Acrobatic 374 pts


2* 10 Dire Avengers with Exarch, Twin Avenger Catapults, Bladestorm 304 pts

2* 20 Storm Guardians with Warlock, Conceal, 2*Flamer or Fusion Gun 424 pts

Fast Attack

2* 7 Warp Spiders with Exarch, Twin Web Spinners, Power Blades 362 pts

6 Warp Spiders with Exarch, Twin Web Spinners, Power Blades 159 pts

The reasoning I’m using is it keeps most of the flavour of what you put forward with a slightly lower model count.

The twin Seer set allows you to attach them to the Guardians that you’re using as screens, boosting their Leadership. Doom can be cast on enemy models whilst fortune gives a re-roll to the 5+/5++ cover giving your guardians more survivability than the original 3*20 man squad (you may want to use a different Warlock power if there is a lot of terrain).
The Runes of Warding disrupt enemy psychic powers by increasing their chance to fail and suffer perils.

The Fire Dragons are good without an Exarch, but the increase to 6 means an almost guaranteed kill on high armour vehicles.

Acrobatic suits the Howling Banshee Exarch better than War Shout as it enables you to gain Counter Attack. Probably add War Shout if you change the Warlock Power to something cheaper, like Destructor.

Changing the Dire Avenger Exarch to Twin Avenger Catapults gives the squad 2 extra shots at upto 18” range and is 5 pts Cheaper. If the Seers have ‘Doomed’ units that they can touch, the Bladestorm of 32 shots can be lethal. Whilst they reload, they can fleet to another position.

As mentioned earlier, I would go with fewer Storm Guardians with a Warlock included in the squads. Adding the Flamers or Fusion Guns gives them more punch without too much loss of close combat potential.

For the Warp Spiders, the Exarch is probably better off with the Twin Web Spinners than the Spinneret Rifle. Surprise Assault is hardly ever used as jump infantry can deep strike in almost any mission type.
The extra unit gives you more surprise value and mobility and more light vehicle killing capability.

Hope you like my ideas based on your original list.
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