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IG Heavy weapons TEAMS
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Default IG Heavy weapons TEAMS

If you buy the Heavy Weapons Platoon (something about 30$CDN) you

(3) Heavy Bolters
(3) Missile Launchers
(3) Auto Cannons

(3) Mortars
However, you get (6) kneeing guards men (3) bi-pods and

(3) tri-pods.

So theoretically you could construct 15 Hvy. Weapons. Your only

problem are the 6 kneeing guys (as you would need 30 guys). So here's a little

trick: when constructing the 2nd guy (yeah, those boring guy's pointing around and

equipped with fieldglasses or lasgun) use everything from the Heavy Weapons Platoon,

except his legs, which you're taking from the regular cadian box (so he's now


Now you have 6 kneeing guys handling the guns, 3 bi-pods and 3 tri

-pods. This means, you can have 3 Autocannons/Lascannons/Hvy. Bolters and 3 Missile

Launcher/Mortar without ANY conversions. The only thing you need are large bases, but

those aren't really a problem. Also you can make some tri-pods (not really

difficult) and make some additional Autocannons/Lascannons, etc.

Also you

don't need the bi-pod for a missile launcher team. Just use the regular legs from

the cadian box and make both guys standing.... so, you can make from 1 Heavy Weapon Squad

and Regular Cadian Box 3 Missile Launcher (both guys standing), 3 Autocannons/Lascannons

/Hvy. Bolters (1 guy standing) and 3 Mortar (1 guy standing). That's 9 Hvy. Weapon

Teams without any conversions (you need only 6 large bases).

Also the kneeling

guys are awesome for snipers, medics, commlinkers, people reloading, etc.
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Default Re: IG Heavy weapons TEAMS

That is very cool

and a great idea. When i start my Khorne Guard i'm gonna do that
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