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Chaos Possessed Conversion...Tau?
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Default Chaos Possessed Conversion...Tau?

As he lay bleeding amidst the battlefield ruin, Shas'ui Dal'yth D'nan stared at the uncaring sky. Blue ichor seeped from the bloody stump where his arm had been, and from the bolter-shrapnel embedded in his belly, his stealth field flickering ineffectively from damage. He coughed blood and gritted his teeth, nasal slit dialating heavily with each exhalation. Rain dripped into his blood, carrying it's pale unnatural flavor to the feet of a sorceror, marked and branded by the Bringer of Change. To him, the small, frail Tau were hardly sport for his manipulative master. Many others had he killed, and yet...this one seemed to stay breathing. Refusing to die.

Words were whispered in the ear of the warrior. A promise of life. Of future. Of a second chance under an ever-watchful god.

The hand raised, reaching toward his killer. Fingers clutching the spiteful armor in plea, until finally the hand was taken.

It took the sorceror a while, for the warrior's presence was slight. Unnoticible, but for their physical bond. Into the warriors soul he guided the twisted energies, filling him with the changing power of the warp. Dark energies coursed through the warrior's body, lifting him up to his feet as his blood slowed, coagualated, and became thick tendrils of ever-shifting mass. Multicolored fire rippled around him as the deamons passage through him, taking over his armor and consuming his body until all were as one: deamon, Tau, and metal. As leathery wings split out from his back and emerged from the armor, the sorceror could not help but feel amused at the sight. It was certainly a change from the norm...

This model counts as a Chaos Possessed in all ways and forms.

"I have exactly one-hundred men under my command counting on ME to lead that charge, you two-bit mechanic. I have five seige tanks, eight APC's, an artillery platform and a light mech that need resupply and repair by dusk. I need remote mines set, trenches dug, and my men fed and rested, or those Marines are going to be using us for toothpicks. Get it done, Fio'vre." Officer Sherwin Jackson, 13th Dal'yth Company, to Fio'vre D'nan

"Feed well, my Bretheren. You are what you eat, and we have devoured the mighty." Master Shaper Korl Muur
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Default Re: Chaos Possessed Conversion...Tau?

pretty cool, i did start a nurgle tau army.. now its in a box.. i finished a hammerhead then got distracted..

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