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Chapter Master WIP
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Default Chapter Master WIP

After converting 14 Death Guard terminators I felt confident enough in my GS skill to finally convert a chapter master for my loyalist marines. I wanted him to be gaudy and blinged out, in a similar way to Scibor's space marine minis.

So after some trial and error with the greenstuff leg plates I gave up on the sculpted, or rather, pressed designs on the legs plates and simply added plastic bits.

They look ok but I know I can do better, so I'm going to work out a way to revise them and continue experimenting with greenstuff molds for the leg plates.

The rest of the model I'm fairly happy with. The halo needs a bit of tidying up and the right shoulder pad didn't get as smooth as I'd like so I'll have to get back to those before priming.

The torso has received the least attention so far and will have roman style tabards added as well as some extra bling bits.

The arms and shoulder pads are just stuck in place with greenstuff in the pictures and haven't been glued. The weapon in the right hand still needs alot of work and will have a stormbolter incorporated into it as well as another blade on top. The left hand may remain a powerfist for simple "coolness" factor but I may replace it with a large storm shield complete with greenstuff design on the front if I can yield some good results with the molds.

Anyway, enough talking here's some of the WIP pics:

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Default Re: Chapter Master WIP

very cool conversion...
but im thinkin that u might want to bulk him up so that he looks more like a chapter master than a termie sergeant.
maybe put a spacer at his torso so that he looks tallerand bulk out his legs a little...
keep up the good work, i cant wait to see this bad boy painted
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Default Re: Chapter Master WIP

I'd personally clip half off the halo, so it's only semi-circle instead of the 3/4 circle you have. Or you could have something hanging from the circle, like a mini-parchment which would look good there IMHO, or a suitably large skull held in place by chains or just wedged in place.

Also not too sure about the staff myself. Perhaps add some ornamentation to the end, maybe a skull or another iron halo motif.

Just my 0.02
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Default Re: Chapter Master WIP

I've pulled the greenstuff off the legs and set some molds. While I'm waiting for those to dry I changed up the staff putting the blade that was on bottom on top and added a stormbolter and another blade at the bottom. The torso was already glued so I added some plasticard to the bottom of the feet and filed it smooth. Thanks for the ideas so far!
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