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Less Static Vespids
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Default Less Static Vespids

Here is my first try at making some less static vespids.


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Default Re: Less Static Vespids

they still look static, they dont look much better. it would help if you repositioned some legs.
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Default Re: Less Static Vespids

I'd bend them a bit over, because if they fly, the wings support the weight, that way, they should be a little more...horizontal.
Just a suggestion though... Otherwise they look nice.

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Default Re: Less Static Vespids

Eh...I've seen this kinda thing before, it doesn't make them look much better. They still look static, they're just...standing in mid-air now. :P

Until they do resculpts, if you want cool-looking vespid models you're probably better off sculpting your own. If they're going to be flying they need to look more dynamic, like the codex picture.

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Default Re: Less Static Vespids

They need some converting of the legs so they actually look like they're flying, instead of standing in mid-air. Some bending of the feet, perhaps.
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Old 25 Jul 2007, 16:09   #6 (permalink)
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Default Re: Less Static Vespids

If you're confident in your metal bending abilities, what I think you could do with some of the vespid models is position them at a sharper angle and bend/repose their legs to emphasize the motion. Perhaps have a small piece of terrain on the base that they could look like their taking off from
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Default Re: Less Static Vespids

Whats different about them? All I see is some pins or somthing holding them up. Vespids are nasty models for looking so......... 3rd edition-eque, but its your first attempt so keep trying ^-^.
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Default Re: Less Static Vespids

i tried but i screwed up the captain guys legs

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Default Re: Less Static Vespids

+++I`m glad someone has done that, a model that can fly should not have all feet firmly on th ground.+++
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Default Re: Less Static Vespids

Here are some that I've done. They really are a pain to get looking good; lots of patience with a pair of pliers and a hobby knife :P

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