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favorite conversion <pict would be nice as well>
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Default favorite conversion <pict would be nice as well>

hey, i just got board and i remembered how someone put up a &#39;favorite moment in battle&#39; bosrd so i wanted to know what people&#39;s favorite conversions are... maybe get some new ideas to me and others...

my favorite is the one u see right next to this:
don&#39;t try to copy it it&#39;s a one of a kind model from GW and Gundam wing &lt;old hobby but makes for killer human and tau bits&gt;

mysecond favorites probably my soon to be o&#39;shovah BG squad:
suit 1: blades &lt;count as lightning claws or strength and attack +1&gt;
suit 2: heavy flamer

these are just the conversions not the entire suit...
hope to hear...
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Default Re: favorite conversion <pict would be nice as well>

I must say the crayfishes!
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Default Re: favorite conversion <pict would be nice as well>

Rezzy is my favourite conversion. I used a lot of super glue on him.

My worst one was a model named Darth Roo, his head&#39;s on backwards...a tab to mcuh green stuff, ruined its brains. (no offence intended)
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