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Second AOAV
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Default Second AOAV

I'm in the process of making another AOAv. This one will have hunter-killer missiles, flamer, and..... i havn't figured out what else yet.

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Default Re: Second AOAV

encase the missles in a rocket launcher it would look more realistic
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Default Re: Second AOAV

I want to but sadly, I have nothing to incase it in.
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Default Re: Second AOAV

judging by the number of posts in this thread, one can guess that its horrible.
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Default Re: Second AOAV

You really need to invest in some acrylic paints, even if they're not GW paints (I use mostly Delta Ceramcoat). They are much easier to work with and cover MUCH better than those Testor's enamels. Make sure you buy some good brushes, too. The main thing to remember is that you only get better at painting and modelling through practice.

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