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New units for Tau?
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Old 17 Dec 2004, 14:10   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default New units for Tau?

Hi, I saw some conversions of new units like "heavy walker" in this web site. Are they official?
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The Bloody Tyrant
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Default Re: New units for Tau?

I blieve they are jsut made up. House rules as it is called. Sure they wont find a place in tournments but the fun of making your own unit is really fun.
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Default Re: New units for Tau?

Nah, all of GreyDeath's stuff is unofficial, but that doesnt stop him from using in friendly games
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Default Re: New units for Tau?

GW used to be all about making up stuff and then meeting and fighting each other back in rogue days.

So I still make up all my stuff alot of the time to just have fun.

But becasue of this alot of my crazy stuff does not get to go to games days and Rogue Trader games.

But Yes you can use yokur stuff in games by using the Chapter Approved book and using the VDR rules for what you make up so you pay the correct points.

And yes as long as your buddy knows that your using VDr stuff you shure can use the walker and other stuff I and others have come up woith.

Also it is perfectly legal to make a conversion and as long as it has what the other original model has you can use it instead.
Just let people know this IS what ever and I will play it as that for the game.

But it has to really do what you say and have what the original is supposed to have.

Goos luck and hope that helped a little bit?
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