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Tau Heaven conv. Crisis, Stealth, etc. (wip)
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Old 13 Jun 2004, 01:40   #1 (permalink)
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Default Tau Heaven conv. Crisis, Stealth, etc. (wip)

Havent posted some of my work in a little bit so heres what I have been up to.

I assembled 4 squads of Fire Warriors
6 Crisis Suits Leader with back banner, Grey

Knights Shield and wings antenna
2 Bodyguard (same with back banner, shield and

2 Braodsides. (same as Crisis suits)
6 Stelath Suits with wings. (you

should have seen the commander already)
And 18 Drones some with wings on the nose

and moved the antenna.
(all show you them later)

Heres a couple work in

progress shots. Nothing painted as of yet.

[edit new links]<br /


Crisis Suit assembley line.
reminded me of something from a movie.<br /




Crisis fliing into action




As always comments are welcome.
And end results may

These are just works in progress.
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Default Re: Tau Heaven conv. Crisis, Stealth, etc. (wip)

My modem dosn&#39;t like

you any more. Nice minis, can&#39;t wait to see them painted.
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Default Re: Tau Heaven conv. Crisis, Stealth, etc. (wip)


like the shield/wing theme that runs throughout your minis! I can&#39;t wait to see the

entire army!
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