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Shotguns and how to model them
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Old 20 Nov 2004, 21:04   #1 (permalink)
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Default Shotguns and how to model them

Now as some of you may already know, certain IG units can have shotguns. I was wondering how do you guys model them (without having to buy them)?
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Default Re: Shotguns and how to model them

It's just easier to buy them!
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Default Re: Shotguns and how to model them

I'd assume you just add a second barrel to the lasgun.
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Default Re: Shotguns and how to model them

Cut the clip and muzzle off of a bolter. makes a great shotgun.
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Default Re: Shotguns and how to model them

You know the little pointy triangle on the lasgun?
My friend sniped that off and glued it to the to of the lasgun as the sight and he calls it a sg.

Good luck

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Old 11 Dec 2004, 18:21   #6 (permalink)
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Default Re: Shotguns and how to model them

I think something as easy as cutting the clip off and cutting the barrel back until its at the round part and maybe adding another piece of round tubeing under that one would give you a really nice shotgun.

Drill a hole in the top barrel as large as you can and sell the bottom tube up because thats where the rounds are stored in that tube.

Should work.

Also in the military when I pulled security at a missile base for a week the military issued me a shotgun that looked like a giant M-16.
Yes it was magazine feed and had a normal looking long barrel.

So if we already have shotguns that look like guns then so can you just make your lasgun larger.
maybe cut off the small barrel add a little larger piece of tubeing to it and maybe remove that clip and use bolter clips?

And call it an automatic shotgun like I have held and seen?

Pretty much as long as it doesn't look like a lasgun anymore people will be ok with it I would think?

Good luck show some work on what you come up with.
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