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odd conversions
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Old 30 Oct 2004, 07:50   #1 (permalink)
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Default odd conversions

One of my mates has created an army of kroot with a difference
He has placed nid gargoyle wings onto a couple of em (used as jetpacks)
he has created a staff out of green stuff in replacment of a kroot gun and that model is now a psyker.

he is a conversion master other stuff hes done is place a hive tyrant on a pole (used as the stand) and given it wings off a fantsy dragon (not sure which one though) and out of green stuff has made the psychic bubbles

hes created an anarexic ork army using kroot modles (the kroot guns become shootas)

and some of the mutants of chaos he makes are incredible

he used a small stuffed crab with some green stuff to make a catachan devil (big creature that is found on catachan) it looks realy cool

any other odd conversions? post here id like to hear bout them
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Old 31 Oct 2004, 21:06   #2 (permalink)
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Default Re: odd conversions

um i put an aunshi on a hover skateboard
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Old 04 Nov 2004, 22:49   #3 (permalink)
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Default Re: odd conversions

one of the ones ive done is put gaunt jumping over a rock in front of which is the wounded cadian model
gaunts just had a slash a necron warrior about to kill the wounded cadian
(although i dont know why i made gaunt helping a low life cadian...meh still looks cool
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Old 05 Nov 2004, 23:12   #4 (permalink)
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Default Re: odd conversions

+++Along the same lines as the crab thing, I once replaced the backpack on a CSM with a snail shell! Although that was one of the Chaos Marines I sold a while back... maybe I should make a new incarnation of it in my latest Chaos Marine army .+++
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