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Tau Crisis Bike
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Default Tau Crisis Bike

Just converted this up a few minutes ago.
I wanted to make a bike for Tau.
I thought it would be cool and I thought it would work with there fast attack abilities.

Throw them into fast attack and let them have the bike rules.
It has 2 Pulse Carbines on the front and the rider carries a pulse carbine.
No hth weapons its not Tau.

But that is 3 shots on the move.
Not bad.

Well those are just thoughts not rules you guys can help me with them if you want.

But with all the talk of how good bikes will be in the 4th addition I wanted to make one for Tau.
So I converted this one up.

Heres the model.

Crisis Bike Front

Crisis Bike back

photos are dark its night time. sorry better photos after its painted.

Let me know what you think?
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Tau Crisis Bike

lol i like it but it looks like it should be a little more blocky than that. I love the look and it really does resemble* the tau. I really want to see it when its finished.
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Default Re: Tau Crisis Bike

That is not bad at all, perhaps use the scale motif from the leg armor of the Warriors on the fron, but wow.
Have you seen my rules for a Tau Jetbike? They're in one of the old Tau posts.
You might want to have a go at one of those...
Do it for KJ

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Default Re: Tau Crisis Bike

Where did you get that bike?
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Originally Posted by Tom Norman
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Default Re: Tau Crisis Bike

That bike reminds me of Tron. pretty cool conversion.
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Default Re: Tau Crisis Bike

Yeah, that bike looks familiar. I remember seeing it in a Golden Daemon...I think it was given to an Inquisitor, but it only placed as a runner up. I have also seen it in some ones gallery while I was surfing the net for Space Wolf pictures...

It is a good conversion. When I first saw the thread, I would have thought it would have been a crisis suit on some sort of jet bike, but that all goes to show how assumptions are bad :P I can't wait to see it painted!

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Default Re: Tau Crisis Bike

actaully I am not real good at names so my bad.
It should have been called Pathfinder Bikes or somehting.
But thanks and I'll paint it as soon as it gets warm enough to primer...
I think I have seen hwat your tlaking about also?
Hmm wonder if it was this bike?
Then they should not have won if it was because this ones not GW.

I loved Tron and still do.
See thats how I picture tau.
They would have advanced motorcycles like tron and akira.
Thanks man.

I saw it online from a hobby shop.
Its from the Void game.
But I saw it and had to have one for my Tau.

I will think on those ideas may come up with something?
And I will go check out your rules.
I have some written by Cyclops for me so far I will post them.

Well round and smooth is Tau and I actually smoothed it off pretty good to look more Tau and less blocky.
But thats cool. I will post when I can a painted shot.

Heres the rules Cyclops wrote for them.

Pathfinder Crisis Bikes

The Crisis Bikes are small, 1 person vehicles used by Tau Pathfinders. Their sleek shape allows them to speed over the ground at extreme speeds. They were used often before the Tau started mainstream use of hover technology, but some squads still exist.

There are a pair of modified Pulse Carbine embeded into the front of each bike. The rider will carry a Pulse Carbine, though some squads have started using the experimental Rail Rilfe technology.

Name Pts BS WS S T W I A Ld Sv
Pathfinder 25 3 3 3 3(4) 1 3 1 7 4+
Shas'ui +10 3 3 3 3(4) 1 3 2 8 4+
Type: Bike
Squad: Consists of between 2 and 6 Crisis Bikes
Weapons: Bike-Mounted Pulse Blaster and a Pulse Carbine. All members of the Squad have Photon Grenades.
Options: Up to 2 Members in the squad may be armed with a Rail Rifle. See the rules for Pathfinder Rail Rifles. One member of the squad can be upgraded to a Shas'ui for +10 points. He may choose 1 piece of equipment from the armoury.
Pulse Blaster: A Crisis Bike is armed with a Pulse Blaster. This is the same as a twin-linked Pulse Carbine, without the pinning effect.
Rapid Attack: A Crisis Bike can fire only its Pulse Blaster if it moves over 6". If it moves less than 6", it may fire either its Pulse Blaster or its riders weapon (Pulse Carbine or Railgun - Railgun can be fired if the squad moves less than 3"). A Multi-Tracker does not allow the Riders weapon and the Bikes weapon to be fired at the same time.
Crisis Drones: If the Shas'ui takes a Drone Controller, he may take 3 Crisis Gun Drones. These follow the same rules as normal gun drones, except they cost 12 points each, move as bikes, dont have a Tau Jetpack, and are armed with a Pulse Blaster.

Basicly, I wanted to make them Pathfinders on bikes. They have their Pulse Carbines, but not the Markerlight. Im allowing them to take Rail Rifles to increase the "Pathfinder on Bike" effect. The bike has a Pulse Carbine, but due to teh weapons being inside the bikes chassis, they cant fire an attached Grenade Launcher (the fluff states that the pinning effect comes from lobbing grenades as well as shooting.) The riders can shoot only the bikes weapon if they move far, as they would find it hard to shoot while moving. The can fire their hand-held weapon if they dont move far. They can still fire those Rail Rifles if they move up to 3" (I invision them Firing a shot, moving forward a bit, and then firing again). If they have Gun Drones, they are special versions that should look like hovering versions of the bike (So the drone can reach the same speeds).

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Default Re: Tau Crisis Bike

pretty mad, you should convert a weapon to go on the front (if ur using the above rules)
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Default Re: Tau Crisis Bike

Here is some fluff [Cyclops] wrote for them.

Anyway, here is some fluff...
---------- ---------- ---------- ----------

The mist hung in the air, obscuring the view of the Ork sentries. The Nob and the 7 other Orks had been told to guard this small, rocky pass. They were to kill anything they saw.
The Orks heard a buzzing noise, and a giant bug flew in from the north. It came near the Nob, who promptly cut it in two with his Choppa.
The orks heard some more buzzing comming from the north.
It started to get louder, and all the Orks prepaied for a fight.
The buzzing got even louder, and then the mist was penetrated by a hail of blue balls of light. The balls flew into the orks, instantly killing 3 of them, their armour burned right through.

The Orks brang up their weapons, and the buzzing became duller.
The Orks started firing their Sluggas into the mist, but all they could hear was the tinging of their bullets ricocheting off metal.
More balls of blue light emmerged from the mist, and another two Orks were gunned down, but not before the Nob heard the sound of one of thier shots hitting, and something falling to the ground with a large thud. The firing slowed to a halt, and the Orks raised their Choppas, and were about to charge, when they heard a crackling noise.

A moment later, the Nob watched a beam of blue light shoot by on his left side, followed by another one on his right.
The last two Orks had been shot down, the one on the Nob's left with a hole in its head, the one on the right missing most of its neck.
The Ork Nob heard the buzzing start to get louder, and the mist in front of him parted.

4 sleek vehicles stood there, each with a small driver holding a weapon. The drivers pointed their weapons at the Ork Nob. Not wanting to go down without a fight, the Nob charged at the figures, swinging his Choppa. The figures opened fire, and tones of small blue balls of light collided into the Ork.
The Ork managed a few more steps, before colapsing to the ground.

One of the figures put down his weapon beside his bike, and brang his hand to the side of his helmet, activating a communication device.
"This is Squad M'yen. The pass is clear.
We lost one member to a stray shot.
We will move ahead to scout the enemy forces. For the Greater Good."
The rider picked up his weapon again, and placed it in his vehicle.
He sat up, waved his hand, and the small vehicles buzzed forward, running over the corpses of the Orks.
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