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Laptop Power Cable Frayed
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Default Laptop Power Cable Frayed

Hello all,

Long time since I posted here, but I figured this would be a good place to ask.

I have an HP Compaq Presario CQ60 which has served me well for almost a year now. However, recently (about a month ago) I noticed some stretching going on on the laptop-side of the transformer (the block part of the charger). As I write, the cable cover is pulled almost a centimetre out of the transformer and the metal wires are exposed slightly, the white cover being split (although I thought this was like that to start with). The problem started with a slightly stretched cable and after that the thing started making sparky noises every time I moved it that persisted for a while after it was unplugged. As a remedy to this problem I wrapped some sticky black tape around it to stop it moving and strengthen the connection. This worked fine for a while. This morning I couldn't get the damn thing to charge, so I removed the tape (with quite a bit of careful hacking and cutting with the scissors, but no damage to the wire thankfully). The cable was more frayed than ever, and it was only through sheer luck that it started working again. I'd given up when I heard sparking and the laptop started charging again.

Now, how to continue? It looks like as long as I can keep the cable steady inside the charger at the moment the connection will be strong enough to last me until I can get a replacement. How should I go about doing this? Someone suggested I use some silicone gel to seal the whole thing up, but I don't want to do this then find out that it'll never work again. I'll backup my important files just in case but I'd like some advice to perhaps fix the problem without having to buy a new charger?


-Lord of the Pit
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Default Re: Laptop Power Cable Frayed

Buy a new charger. That sounds like an electrical fire hazard, or an electric shock waiting to happen. Not to mention possible damage to the laptop.

I perform electrical safety tests at work and this would get a big fat FAIL sticker immediatey. Unless you are a qualified electrician or you build those power supplies in the factory you shouldn't be trying to bodge a repair on it.
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