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Significance of this discovery...?
Old 18 Dec 2009, 07:27   #1 (permalink)
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Default Significance of this discovery...?


I'm looking at you Khanaris to explain some funky geology here and why this could be important.

While I was watching it I couldn't help but think about the instantaneous vaporisation of water and how that would involve some funky physics.

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Default Re: Significance of this discovery...?

2012 is upon us!!!!!!!!We're all gonna dieeeee!!!!


To be honest, it's nothing much, just that this is the biggest underwater volcaic eruption ever taped on camera.

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Default Re: Significance of this discovery...?

Cool video, though it was a little underwhelming considerng the title.

I'm more interested in the recent apparent observation of darkmatter, but I haven't yet been bothered to make a thread about it. :P
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Default Re: Significance of this discovery...?

Not really any significance, honestly. We've known for years that undersea volcanoes exist. I would imagine that some vulcanologists and geochemists might be interested in the composition of the lava and the characteristics of lave under high pressures. That could lead to some greater understanding of how continents form or how archaen age rocks might have formed.

Otherwise, I really don't see it having any major inluence upon geology in general. Personally, I'd be very interested to know what sort of life was in the water around that volcano. I imagine that sulfur reducing bacteria were present.
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Default Re: Significance of this discovery...?

So. Cool.

Tons of explosions, and it looked cool since it was underwater
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Default Re: Significance of this discovery...?

Whats crazy about that video is that its STILL exploding at least a little bit, what with the 2 miles of water preassure down there. what looks like big hiccups could be mini Mt St Helens up at sealevel.

But as the article says, this eruption is no big deal, and has been going on all the time. What makes it a big deal is its the first time its been caught on TAPE.
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