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Default Flash

I've recently decided to take up Flash coding, and was wondering, any reccomendations for good tools/IDEs? Also, any handy online guide's you've seen?
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Default Re: Flash

wait...we talking about THE flash here? so you mean you're ****ing about with action script? in which case, my recommendation would be don't. having said that, i last used it when it was still made by macromedia. so hopefully adobe is better, given macromedia's version was painful, clunky and bug-ridden

however, i would say pick up one of their text books. cough up the money, it's worth it. they're invaluable tools, and great for helping you figure out the shit you wanna do (to the extent that the script works like it should). and i've always found them to be far more useful than any of the online guides available. the one i found the best was called flash: hands-on training, or something similar
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Default Re: Flash

I'd recommend Swish Max 2. I've found it to be a very powerful program and very easy to use.
There's full instructions for a basic flash website and it has a 2 week trial with the full program.
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