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The Computer Languages Poll
View Poll Results: Which languages do you have a moderate command of? Select as many as you wish.
C 18 9.09%
C++ 21 10.61%
C# 9 4.55%
PHP 12 6.06%
HTML 36 18.18%
XHTML 12 6.06%
JavaScript 15 7.58%
Java 17 8.59%
VisualBasic 15 7.58%
Perl 5 2.53%
Python 7 3.54%
Ruby On Rails 2 1.01%
ASP 5 2.53%
BASIC 13 6.57%
FORTRAN 5 2.53%
Other (Please Specify) 13 6.57%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters: 198. You may not vote on this poll

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Default Re: The Computer Languages Poll

I'd say I'm pretty proficient in Fortran 90/95. It's one of the best languages for raw computing power. I think I'll probably pick up some HTML eventually.
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Default Re: The Computer Languages Poll

Originally Posted by GeekyGator
Electrical engineeing you say?

Got a good place where I could buy thousands of NAND gate transistors (or XOR gates) in bulk, for very cheap? I've got a 16-bit processor (likely will be toned down to 8 ) to build
Hmm, cant recall where I got those from. Lots of good places, though, basic logic gates are usually pennies in bulk. ..I strongly suggest not trying to build a processor of that size just out of nand gates, though, since the soldering/using insane amounts of breadboards will drive you mad. Start with something a little higher up, like Atmel chips. =) Of course, you can build procs out of basic logic chips, it's just more realistic to do a small example.
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Default Re: The Computer Languages Poll

Yeah, I don't think I'd actually go through with it. Maybe a 4-bit... maybe. Using ICs.
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Old 27 Jun 2011, 19:50   #34 (permalink)
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I learned C++ as part of my computer science course, but it was just a secondary school course. I have also learned Turing and will be learning Java next year.
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Kroot Shaper
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Basic, Visual basic, html and c++.

I started mucking about with computers in the early 80s.
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