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The temptations of chaos have got me again...
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Arrow The temptations of chaos have got me again...

hi, in case your wondering what the title is all about It means I've started chaos daemons! I already had 10 bloodletters for my chaos space marines but yesterday (after a sucessful battle against necrons) I bought the chaos daemons codex and a daemon prince (which is being used as a bloodthrister because they ran out of proper bloodthristers) I'm planning to make a khornate army made upon of bloodletters, bloodcrushers and flesh hounds and maybe even a soul grinder. But I'm a long way off from that.

I get the general idea with daemons I know about the "daemonic assault" which i think is quite cool, all the special rules. But if theirs any advice you can give me that would be graet.
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chaos, chaos daemons

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