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Default Bloodthirster

I was wondering how well a Bloodthirster run in 40k. I look at his point cost and it kinda turns me away from using the model. It's double than a herald on Juggernaut but is stronger, tougher and can take out vehicles and hard to hit.

I'm thinking of using the Bloodthirster and Keeper of Secrets as my two HQ choices with 2 grinders and a nurgle walking prince. The keeper has always done well for me so far. i just don't know how the thirster will do.

Also can you use a Balrog lotr model as a Thirster. I don't see why not but if i was to play in a tourney or something I just want to know how legal it is. Also is the Balrog metal or plastic.
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Default Re: Bloodthirster

Chicop, you should come over to youtube. Would be unfortunate to lose out on a quality Daemon player/poster such as yourself to this glitzy shell of a site.
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Default Re: Bloodthirster

youtube is blocked by my workplace filter... :P

So does anyone still here know if the Balrog would make a good standin for Bloodthirster? Is he a similar size, tournament legal, etc?
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Balrog is plastic.
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