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Daemons vs Eldar overview of key units!
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Default Daemons vs Eldar overview of key units!

Not in the mood to do a report and figured this is not really a list but a brief summary of key units. I'll list what I fielded and he field and point out what worked and what didn't. Another win for daemons by the way. Game was very close and I had to play catch up since he killed half my army early.

My list
Dream 1850 daemon army.
210 keeper of secreats: transfixing gaze
135 herald juggernaut: unholy might, fury, blessing of the blood god

105 3 flamers of tzeentch
105 3 flamers of tzeentch
85 bloodcrushers: instrument
95 5 pink horrors: bolt
95 5 pink horrors: bolt
95 5 pink horrors: bolt
100 pink horrors: bolt, changeling
176 11bloodletters
176 11 bloodletters

119 9 seekers

160 Soul Grinder: Phlegm
160 Soul Grinder: Phlegm
1845 total

Slightly differant from my other list.

He fielded these units.
scorpion pheonix lord
2 squads of 6 rangers
10 warpspiders
10 dire avengers
2 serpents
10 harlequins

Seemed like a small Eldar army.

Keeper: Pimp slaped scorpions and took out a serpent on the second try. With 7 attacks it's possible to down a vehicle and viable anti tank. Bloodletters took preassure away from her. Also 3s to hit and 2s to wound is just sick. Very strong melée monster. Forgot to use -1 attack if in base contact but than again didn't matter since all base contact was killed. Me like for it's cheap cost.

Bloodthirsters and Heraold: Killed the pheonix lord and remaining scorpions. Had tough time with eldrad even though they put two wounds on him. Also bad deep strike took them out of most of the game.

Seekers: A pretty good unit. Was able to kill all the harlequins on the assault. With 54 attacks it's pretty devistating. The 12" charge range make a big differance and gives you the opportunity to deepstike further back and move up quick. Can't complain about the grenades. Only problem is the harlequins pretty much wiped them out as well. Might add in more seekers.

Blood letters and horrors: I'll say the letters died horrible against scorpion and harlequin assaults. I really had no choice and it pan out in the end. The horrors just did they durabilty thing which help in vps.

Flamers: roasted snipers but should had went for spiders instead. Found out these guys in a pince can take on vehicles. The other squad immobalized the serpent and the falcon and was able to destroy the falcon turrent. Didn't notice the str 10. So after the 3 flame attacks. If you get an immobalized result when you assault you're getting 9 auto hits which 6 is needed for glance.

Soul Grinders: killed spiders and beat up snipers. Shot very bad with these guys. Would say very helpful against harles but seekers actually took them out even though he participated in combat. Didn't realize the eldrad could down it with just 2 base hits.

Learning how to deal with vehicles. In a pinch I can assault with grinders and bloodletters, also with juggernaughts. I have a lot of antivehicle than I realized.

Still having problems with having my intial force I want out to come first. Rolling bad with eldar I still won. Funny thing was eldar wiped out half my army early while I only killed 2 units. When we really got into combat I creamed him. The juggernaughts on the charge is amazing. Plus you can have 5 max fore wound allocation is nice as well.
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