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What is better? A Daemon Prince or Soul Grinder?
View Poll Results: What is the best ot the two?
Daemon Prince 19 63.33%
Soul Grinder 11 36.67%
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Default Re: What is better? A Daemon Prince or Soul Grinder?

Originally Posted by enderwiggin
16 Dark Lances should not be the mileage everyone expects out of any vehicle. :sadnshocked:

That's a beautiful thing to hear, moreso to see, but that's a crazy amount of firepower for anything to have a statistical chance at going through (maybe not the Monolith, but still).
That would be called luck. I'm assuming that's 16 dark lances that hit so that should had been like 2 glances and 6 pens. That's one lucky soulgringer. 2 of those shots should had blow him up. But compaired to a prince the prince would had 14 wounds. Even with mark of tzeentch that would be 7 failed saves.

Yaeh the
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I've got to go for the daemon prince, but its worth noting that I'm a Tau player and not a Daemon one, but I always get a rush when one of my broadsides knock out a soul grinder early on in a single shot, but daemon princes can just soak up my fire while slaughtering everything I got in CC (not unusual for tau, given), but i still dont think such a unit is worth it if it can get destroyed so easily!
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Default I like my Soul Grinder

I would run both but if I have to take one gonna run a soul grinder. Me and only one other player have demons so most people aren't used to it and it scares them. I love holding it in reserve making him keep to a board edge so I cant get it behind his tanks. They get annoyed when I use their own vehicles as cover from the others.
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well the way i see it, it all depends on who your playing, i mean if your playing a imperial guard infantry guy, and you got a daemon prince then he can kill that thing with enough shots and rolls of 5 and 6. but a soul grinder they would have to penetrate armour and with lasguns that aint happening, dang angry flash lights!!!
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