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You Guys Got a FAQ!
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Default Re: You Guys Got a FAQ!

Originally Posted by Chapter Master Seth
It's not weak. It's fairly obvious. Team games are not covered under the rules, ever - anyone who RAWs into that is just wrong, since the rulebook never even mentions such a thing. Fluffy or not, it's hideously overpowered and not in the spirit of Apoc.

I just called gw about this question an they even said it works for the marines. Honestly I was calling about the guard 2kp issue and decided to ask this as well.

They said it mentions shooting attacks which only effect 2 models for daemons but was intended for marines.

They also mentioned that the tally of pestilence specifies it right there. On pg. 52 it more or less says " any daemon of nurgle, or model with the mark of nurgle, friend or foe". The only model that can get a mark in the daemon army is the prince which is basically a super space marine.

Choas Marines and Plague Marines can recieve marks so it would effect them. It makes sense due to the missing link which is the daemon prince. It wouldn't make sense for the daemon daemon prince to get it while the marine daemon prince don't. Also why would nurgle not effect his children with the mark of nurgle if his children has the required mark.

Like I said I don't like it but it's perfectly legal. GW answered this question rather quick and stated the way it's worded it is indeed intended for marines with the mark to use the ability.
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