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Picking Your Brains
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Default Re: Picking Your Brains

Originally Posted by Chapter Master Seth
Hey guys,

I was writing up some tests lists and just had a question regarding this:

For the Heralds take a chariot, Master of Sorcery,We Are Legion and a Bolt of TZentch, and you can have an extremely mobile gun platform that can annoy a hell lot of targets as it has 5 wounds, moves like jetbike, and can split-fire two weapons to two different targets. They are also a good place to put your icons if you got space for them as they are so durable.
From what I can tell, Bolt of Tzeentch (or any shooting attack for that matter) can only be fired once, as detailed under Master of Sorcery's description. Should another shooting attack be taken on this character to justify both We Are Legion and Master of Sorcery or is there a rule I am missing that allows the power to be used twice?
That's why you should pick two differant powers. I usally go with bolt and gaze. But I'll look in the codex to make 100% sure, but I can recall that you can't use the same power twice.
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Default Re: Picking Your Brains

Alright, he's the first, first, first, fiiiiiiiiirst test draft. What do ya'll think?

[spoiler=Tzeentch Daemons]HQ - 573

Fateweaver - 333

Blue Scribes - 130

Herald of Tzeentch - Chariot of Tzeentch, We Are Legion, Bolt of Tzeentch, Master of Sorcery - 110

ELITES - 315

3 Flamers - 105

3 Flamers - 105

3 Flamers - 105

TROOPS - 710

10 Horrors - Changling, Chaos Icon - 200

10 Horrors - Chaos Icon - 195

10 Horrors - 170

10 Horrors - 170


3 Screamers - 48

3 Screamers - 48


Daemon Prince - Mark of Tzeentch, Bolt of Tzeentch, Unholy Might - 160

Daemon Prince - Mark of Tzeentch, Bolt of Tzeentch, Unholy Might - 160


Any ideas?


I just realized the Herald has one too many upgrades. I'm confused if We Are Legion and Master of Sorcery are necessary at all at this point.

Oh, he has an AP3 shot standard. I did not realize that. Fix't, and I have more points to spend.
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Default Re: Picking Your Brains

What you have on the herald is legal and at least somewhat useful. Because the Herald comes stock with Daemonic Gaze and you bought him Bolt of Tzeentch he has two shooting attacks which are useful against different targets (medium infantry and tanks respectively).

Given that you are taking Bolt of Tzeentch I would say that this is an effective combination (taking We Are Legion and Master of Sorcery with Bolt of Tzeentch) as for only 15 points it allows you a greater degree of flexibility. You might even consider finding the points to give him an Icon and holding your demon Princes in the second wave, thus allowing you to get exactly where you need your DPs to come in and deep strike without deviation
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Default Re: Picking Your Brains

Fateweaver is a great choice for a mono-Tzeentch army. Except for his high point cost, there is not much of a downside to him. Just make sure to keep him out of close combat.

I would probably leave the Bluescribes at home. He really does need to be attached to a unit; the Pink Horrors will only hinder his mobility and the Flamers will probably not last very long. Another Herald of Tzeentch on a chariot would be a better choice.

Chaos Icons, in my opinion, are a waste of points; especially in a mono-Tzeentch army. Except for the Flamers, you are not going to deep strike aggressively since the main focus of your army will be shooting. If you do decide to use them, one should be enough. Have it in your non-preferred wave so that you can use it to take advantage of Fateweaver's arrival.

I would highly recommend that all of your Pink Horror squads have the Bolt of Tzeentch. I know they are BS3, but having that many extra S8 shots never hurts for vehicle hunting. The Screamers, especially in the small units you have, are not that reliable for anti-vehicle.

If you are using the Daemon Princes for a gun platform, you should consider replacing Unholy Might for Daemonic Gaze. It works well against MEQ units, and it allows for three extra shots against lightly armored vehicles. If you want the Daemon Princes to be more close combat oriented, then dropping the Bolt of Tzeentch for Breath of Chaos would probably serve you better.
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