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Spawn Attack Counts as Shooting for Purpose of Assault?
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Default Spawn Attack Counts as Shooting for Purpose of Assault?

The setup:

Pedro Kantor (IC) was attached to a unit of Terminators in combat my opponents Greater demon. Fateweaver was out of combat and nearby. He shot at some other targets around him (he can split his shots), then hit Kantor with his spawn spell. Kantor fails his toughness test, and becomes a spawn.

My questions:

Does the spawn count as a shooting attack? If it is a shooting attack, is he able to charge the terminators that Kantor was attached to? Note that he had shot at, and wounded some other units nearby (a tactical squad, a rhino) and they were still in play and in assault range at the beginning of the assault phase.
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Default Re: Spawn Attack Counts as Shooting for Purpose of Assault?

It is a shooting attack. The Chaos Daemons book doesn't have any true psychic powers. They are all just weird ranged attacks or special abilities.

An IC is part of a unit when in coherency with it. So if you use a shooting attack that can pick him out, you can still charge the squad even if he dies. Because you have "We Are Legion", you can charge any of the units you fired at, including the Terminators.
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