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a few questions on daemon rules
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Default a few questions on daemon rules

I played my first match with my fledgling daemon army last night and realized I have much to learn about their rule set. Doing an autopsy of the battle afterwords, I realized I botched a few of their rules. I was treating bloodletters as if they were fleet (although rolling 1's most of the time so it didn't much matter). I forgot that flamers were Jump Infantry, not regular foot-sloggers, and I think I got the Weapon Destroyed against a soul-grinder wrong. I think I understand it now, but somebody please correct me if I'm wrong.

They have a total of 3 weapons: maw cannon, right arm with harvester and close combat weapon, and left arm with another close combat weapon. Each weapon destroyed result will remove one of the following: 1) the harvester gun and one CCW, 2) the mawcannon (including phlegm and tongue if present), or 3) the other CCW. If a soul grinder loses one CCW it still hits at Strength 10 but only has 3 base attacks. If it loses the other one it has 3 base attacks at strength 6 and anything hit will now get an armor save. A weapon destroyed after the mawcannon and both arms have been slagged transfers to an immobilized.

Oh, one other soul grinder question: When moving through difficult terrain they roll 2 dice like normal infantry, not 3 dice like Monstrous Creatures, right?

While it's hard to say with any certainty after a single battle, so far I'm liking the daemons A LOT! The soul grinder is a particular favorite because he's all-but-unstoppable, has nasty ranged weapons (although less-than-spectacular BS with them), and demonstrated that he is fully capable of punching out a monolith! (My single soul-grinder model definitely needs a friend.) Bloodletters, while fragile at range, are probably the nastiest thing going for assault if you can get them close enough. Fateweaver makes your army very hard to kill, and he's not easy to eliminate, himself, unless the opponent gets him in assault. I need to come up with an assault screen for him: possibly a few furies or screamers? I also learned that for his Oracle ability to work with assaulting creatures he has to get out in front of them during the movement phase, particularly if he's trying to cover speedsters like Flesh Hounds. Oh, and as a long-time Tau player, it felt REALLY weird to be seeking melee combat and rolling 3's to hit in it!
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Default Re: a few questions on daemon rules

I don't play with a soulgrinder so sorry, I can't answer your questions.

On the other hand, do you have the list that you played? Sorry if it's already posted somewhere and I just haven't found it yet, but I'm interested in what other people starting Daemons are playing with.

And for an assault screen for Fateweaver, I would suggest nurglings if it would fit in your FOC. The little guys are tougher than both the other choices you've listed, not to mention that screamers would be better used to get rid of a tank. Why take a unit with Melta Bombs if you're not going to use the Melta Bombs? Again, just my own opinions.

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Originally Posted by Circus, HARLEQUIN OF TAU 0NLINE!
That makes far too much sense to be used in 40k
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Default Re: a few questions on daemon rules

I hadn't actually posted the list, but I'll give you a quick summary. It was 1500 points with Fateweaver and a Herald of Tzeentch making up the HQ's. I had a single squad of 6 flamers for Elites, but they didn't arrive from reserve until the very end, then got misplaced by a deepstrike mishap when they finally showed up. Troops were a squad of 10 horrors with icon and the Changeling, and 2 squads of bloodletters (one of them had another icon). Karanak and 7 or so friends made my Fast Attack, and the soulgrinder with Phlegm upgrade was my Heavy. The list has since been revamped with smaller squads, icons on the heralds instead of troops, and another soulgrinder.

After looking at the stats, I think if I try to use a screen for Fateweaver I will use screamers for that job.
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Default Re: a few questions on daemon rules

On the topic of a melee shield from fateweaver I would go with furies as they can keep up with fateweaver and are quite cheap.

About the soul grinders if you lose one arm you lose an attack but are still strength 10 if you lose the other one you lose another attack and go to strength 6.

Nice army list although I would split the flamers into two squads of 3 and stick one in both waves.
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Default Re: a few questions on daemon rules

The army list keeps evolving, but it did very well against a Space Marine drop pod army last Friday. The list as it stood then was almost completely symmetrical. Two squads of 5 bloodletters (need to buff that size up a bit); two squads of 8 horrors, one with the changeling; two soulgrinders with phlegm; one chariot of Khorne with icon; one chariot of Tzeentch with icon; a squad of flesh hounds; a squad of three flamers (you really don't need more than a minimum squad of them); and Fateweaver.

Also, I've realized that even in melee, Fateweaver is not in all that much trouble. He's hard to wound at Toughness 5 and he only fails one of every 9 saves with his reroll. Of course, he can panic and disappear if he actually gets wounded, but if he makes his leadership rolls you have to take down all three wounds. He can even do Boon of Mutation from within melee. Only a weapon that ignores invulnerable saves or an old-codex force weapon can really bother him.

I like the idea of Furies for the assault screen, but flesh hounds should also be able to keep up with him and I already have those.
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