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2500 Ard Boys Tourney Chaos Space Marines
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Default 2500 Ard Boys Tourney Chaos Space Marines

HQ: Daemon Prince;wings;MoS;Lash - 155
HQ: Sorceror;wings;MoS;Lash - 145
- Summoned Greater Daemon - 100

Elites: 3xTerminators; Land Raider;Champion w/ Chainfist;Heavy Flamer; 2x Combi wep - 350

Troop: 10x CSM; LasC - 170
Troop: 10x CSM; LC - 170
Troop: 5x Plague Marines; Champ;Power Fist; Plasma Gun; Rhino - 205
Troop: 5x Plague Marines; Champ;Power Fist; Plasma Gun; Rhino - 205
Troop: 10x Zerkers;champ;power fist - 250

Heavy: 3x Obbliterators - 225
Heavy: Vind - 125
Heavy:Land Raider; Daemonic Posession - 240

Total: 2340 pts

so obviously its not finished but keep in mind this is ard boys tourney so cheese is allowed . Im just looking for good suggestions to make the extra 160 points i have left worth my while and help me maybe win or even place in a tourney..

But here goes, hq speaks for itself, summon the daemon on one of the chamions in any squad when it dies just to assure a kill squad. the elites are honestly just for the extra mech i figure 2 land raiders will be common in a tournament like this. the 10x csm im unsure about i think they could easily be replaced with better troops buut thats just because im a hater of plain CSM's. the plague squads could be too low in model count but whats one or 2 more marines anyway.

rip it up!
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