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1850 CSM Undivided
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Default 1850 CSM Undivided

My latest attempt in a generally undivided list. The goal is to do as well as possible while still using a SGD and CSM Dreadnought. The SLD are there to provide additional objective holders and potential cc reinforcements for icon squads.

Chaos Lord (140)
- Terminator Armor
- Combi-melta
- Powerfist
- Personal Icon

Daemon Prince (130)
- Wings

Greater Summoned Daemon (100)

8x Chaos Space Marines (135)
- Champion
[In the Land Raider with CSM Lord]

10x Chaos Space Marines (230)
- Champion
- 2x meltaguns
- IoCG
- rhino

10x Summoned Lesser Daemons (130)

10x Summoned Lesser Daemons (130)

Dreadnought (100)
- Missile Launcher

10x Terminators (390)
- Champion; pair of lightning claws
- 3x Combimeltas
- Heavy flamer
- Chainfist
- Icon of Tzeentch

Land Raider (235)
- Extra Armor

Predator (130)
- Autocannon
- Lascannon sponsons
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maybe its just me but honestly your hq lord with 8csm seems week.. like a lot of squishy poiints for an hq.. focus more on the dp give him a mark annd he will b golden.. also the 10 termies? i mean really what are they for? id rather have another HS or a good squad of zerkers that will do the same thing..
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