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1500 Khorne SM tourney army
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Kroot Warrior
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Default 1500 Khorne SM tourney army

OK ok, this is my first time playing warhammer, but i know quite a bit about the game already. I have boughten all but the bezerker squads and 1 rhino of the army.

Tell me what you think and what you think can be improved please

2 Daemon princes with wings
mark of slaanesh
either both with lash of submission (so i can pull an enemy unit 4d6" (between my rhinos))
or 1 with it and 1 with wind of chaos

Pts 310 (155 each)


6 Khorne Beserkers
One skull champion with powerweapon and melta bomb
Rhino with havoc launcher
Pts 211

6 Khorne Beserkers
Rhino with havoc launcher
Pts 176

6 Khorne Beserkers
Rhino with havoc launcher
Pts 176

6 Khorne Beserkers
Rhino with havoc launcher
Pts 176

troops total = 739

Heavy support

3 Predator Tanks
Autocannon (free)
2Twin linked Lasscannons (sides)(60pts extra)
HAvoc launcher (15 pts extra)

Pts = 450 (150 each tank)

Total army pts = 1499

My stratagy is to keep my pred tanks in the back as far away as possible and never move them since ALL their weapons are 48" range target nasty tanks first then go after painful hqs or other bad units

with the rhinos i plan to charge all 4 near each other in a "H" formation and have my 2 DPs in back of the rhinos (since the rhinos and the DPs move 12")
Then use my DPs Lash of Subbmission to keep pulling squads on the rim of the 24" range 4D6 close to my tanks, which will mostlikely put them near the center between my 4 rhinos, then have my khorn zerkers (if needed) and my DPs shoot then charge the squad killing it and just sit there while all the havoc launchers and heavy support blast away there army pulling them in 1 squad by one or just charging everyone into melee from there.

....agian i have never played a real game yet so tell me what you think ~<3
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Yeah it looks good to me but one problem...
Khorne and Slaanesh are enemys, they hate each other! so how did two deamon prince's of Slaanesh come to be in command of an army of Khorne?
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army list, khorne, space marines

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