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1,000 pt. CSM army
Old 15 Jul 2010, 20:30   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default 1,000 pt. CSM army

A buddy of mine is starting 40k for the first time. And he has set his sights on the CSM especially after he saw the new plastic DP. So we work up a small army even though its 1 pt. over. But....mah who cares. C&C please!

Demon prince-wings, warptime
7 plague marines-2 flames, rhino(He loves these guys!)
10 CSM- 2 meltas, rhino, Champ w/ power fist
10 CSM- 2 plasma, rhino, Champ w/ power sword
Defiler- 2 extra DCCWs
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: 1,000 pt. CSM army

WOW! this place really died down a whole lot. Is there anybody left a live around here?
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Default Re: 1,000 pt. CSM army

There are, a few stragglers who want to keep th forum alive. :'(
Originally Posted by USAFTACP
You just laugh a lot at the other Tau player and eventually he will leave.
(three plus power armor will block all your shots but can i get over 1" of dangerous terrain...oops i rolled a one)

waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. cough cough anyone got a coughdrop?

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Default Re: 1,000 pt. CSM army

Good list.

All fine and Dandy. Simple Daemon prince is cheap and good!
I can understand the love for plague marines... uppy: But, flamers is not so good. In plague marine units i take plasma guns, cause if they get hot then they have a slight more chance of surviving. A rhino would benefit your footsloggers.
I think that you should cut out one of the units of CSM's to take thousand sons, or even havocs cause you have your 2 troops. It does not seem you have much in the way of anti tank...
Defilers are always great as well.

Great list, but i can find two problems:
1. The only objective holders are footsloggers. They will get shot up before they reach objectives! (rhinos)
2. No anti-tank stuff! (oblits and havosc)

Otherwise really great!
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